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Author: Linda Weaver Clarke

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  The Mystery Behind Artifact Theft
Ancient American artifacts are being sold to the highest bidder. When an ancient ruin is discovered, it doesn't take long for thieves to find out about it.
  “Mystery and Adventure” is Theme of New Novel: Anasazi Intrigue
Stolen artifacts, the Santa Clara/Virgin River flood, a snoopy newspaper reporter, and mysterious events begin to unfold with Anasazi Intrigue.
  Disaster, Hope, and Charity: The Santa Clara/Virgin River Flood
A thunderous crash could be heard in the distance as a home collapsed and crumbled into the rushing waters below. Several people were standing at the edge of a hilltop in Santa Clara, Utah, watching their valley being destroyed before their very eyes.
  The Mystery of the Anasazi
Many people wonder why the Anasazi Indians disappeared, leaving behind their belongings and valuables. Where did they go and why?
  Mix a Happy-go-lucky Bachelor with a Roaring 20s Woman and You Have: Elena, Woman of Courage
The “Roaring Twenties” was a time of great change, when women raised their hemlines and bobbed their hair. It was a time of adventure, courage, and independence.
  The Legend of Bear Lake Monster
The waves splashed gently upon the shore and the full moon shone brightly upon Bear Lake, making the water shimmer.
  Holiday Traditions: Delectable Food, Bright Costumes, and Family Unity
Holiday traditions make life worth living! We anxiously await that special day when we can celebrate with our loved ones.
  Hope and a Christmas Miracle
We hope for things not seen but it must accompany faith. They go hand in hand. Hope helps us to bear our afflictions.
  Holiday Traditions: Delectable Food, Bright Costumes, and Family Unity
Holiday traditions make life worth living! We anxiously await that special day when we can celebrate with our loved ones.
  Deep-rooted Legends, a Tender Love Story, and the Bear Lake Monster is focus of New Novel -
Enter the world of “Make Believe” and read about the legend of the Bear Lake Monster, long family traditions, a tender love story, and a few mysterious events!
- Press Release
  Family Unity
What did “family unity” mean to the pioneer family or the people who settled our country?
  A Guide to Closer Families
Raising a family isn’t easy but if one has strong family relationships, then we can make better choices.
  Improve Family Relationships
Family is important. It takes commitment and hard work to improve family relationships.
  Friendship, The Footprints In Your Heart
To have a friend that you can laugh and cry with, to have someone make us feel wanted and accepted for who we are…this is the reason for living.
  Liberty Should Not Be Taken Lightly
Freedom is a precious commodity. It isn't free, but it's fought for.
  Making a Difference in Your Community
Is it possible to make the community that we live in just a little better place? What can we do to make a difference?
  Hardships are a Part of Life
We live in a world of hard knocks, a world where we can learn and progress and gain knowledge. We grow from the many experiences we have in life.
Your Family Legacy
The importance of family legacy can never be over emphasized.
  Dreams are a Part of Life
Dreams can come true, no matter what age you are. Dreams are a part of life and they come straight from the heart.
  Tribulations Can Make Us Stronger
Tribulation is part of life. No one can avoid it.
“Storms make oaks take deeper roots,” my mother reminded me. She always told me that trials made us better people.
  The Law of Life
There is a Law of Life that relates to everyone. This law is something we have no control over, but if we knew the importance of this law, we would accept it more readily.
  Labeling a Student
Teachers have a great responsibility. They are not only teaching young minds, but they are shaping the future.
  Parenthood, A Great Responsibility
“No amount of success can compensate for failure in the home…(To be a parent is) the greatest trust that has been given to human beings.” (David O. McKay)
  Equal Partners In Marriage
Marriage is a sacred bond between man and woman, but it must be an equal partnership.
  Welcome to the World of Make Believe and Books!
We enter the “Make Believe World” when we open a book and begin to read.
  Research—an Intricate Part of Writing
Research is an important part of writing historical fiction or nonfiction.
  Melinda and The Wild West - is a love story filled with adventure and romance.

Linda Weaver Clarke has written a historical fiction love story, Melinda and the Wild West, published by American Book Publishing. It is a story filled with intrigue, excitement, and romance.

Linda’s novel is available at Publishers Direct Bookstore at

If you would like to learn more about Linda and her novel,
her web site is

Phone: (509) 892-0196

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