The Spokane Valley is a Great Place to Make Your Retirement Home

Chicago Tribune cited Spokane - Spokane Valley, Washington as one of the best cities for retirement living. Here are five reasons why Spokane Washington is one of the best places in the US for retirement.

  1. It makes sense to relocate to a state that does not have income tax such as Washington State.

  2. Weather is important. Spokane is sunny most of the year.

  3. Activities keep you busy so you can enjoy your retirement to the fullest.Spokane is a center for outdoor activities. Surrounded by mountains, skiing and hiking possibilities are endless. There are 76 regional lakes and many support fishing, boating and swimming. Nature lovers will not get bored living in Spokane Valley.

  4. It is important to find an area that has all the services you need. Spokane is a large metropolitan area of nearly half a million. It is also a primary regional medical resource and has six hospitals.

  5. For most people, a moderate cost of living is important. With so many important features, you would think that this area would be expensive, but oddly enough much of the housing is moderately priced. The cost of living for retirees is actually somewhat below the national average with a cost-of-living index of 93.7.

Planning Your Move to Spokane Valley

  1. If your possessions can fit in a 24 foot truck, inexpensive moving for smaller homes might be a great option for you. If you can pack your possessions, load and unload the truck, and if you donít mind driving a somewhat cumbersome vehicle over a long distance, you can save yourself literally thousands of dollars.

  2. If you want to move yourself but would like to avoid the heavy lifting, you can always check local colleges to get some reasonably priced assistance.

  3. When you rent a truck in the middle of the week or the middle of the month, it might be possible to get a better rate.

  4. While you will save the most money by moving yourself, you can still save some money by doing the loading, unloading and packing, and then hiring someone to do the driving for you.

  5. You also might be able to lower the cost by sharing the truck with another party. ABF U-Pack Moving and Broadway Express are two companies offering self-move service. They drop off a van or trailer at your home and drive to your new home where you do the unloading. These companies only do out of state runs that are a minimum of 500 miles.

Auto Transport

  1. To avoid the hassle of moving your car across country, you can find an auto transport service.

  2. Obviously one of the most inexpensive ways to move your car cross country is to drive it yourself. If you have chosen to drive a moving truck rental to your new home inquire about renting a hitch for your car as well.

Packing and Packaging Supplies

  1. Packaging supplies might cost as much as $250. Youíll need boxes of various sizes and packaging material to prevent breakage. Donít bother to pack things you donít really want or need. This is a great time to get rid of non-essentials.

  2. One ultra-inexpensive way to move across country involves being highly selective about what you bring. Key point: If your furniture is not very valuable, just leave it behind. Take your car and fill it with the important things. Send a few more necessities to your new home via UPS. Then just jump in the car and drive.

Choosing a Mover

  1. When you decide to use a mover for auto transport or for your household contents, do your research and make sure that the company is reliable. The most inexpensive mover may not be the safest, and there is no point in moving your belongings if they do not arrive safely.

You can help others by discussing these retirement and moving tips with friends and family.

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Authored by: Robin Harrington
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