Tender Care Daycare and Preschool is located in North Spokane, WA.
We are a private, non-profit center operating under Mountain View A/G
We can accept up to 50 children and have 7 teachers on staff.

Monday - Friday 6am to 6pm
Daily between 9:30am and 5:30pm
Drop by and take a tour!
633 E. Magnesium Road, Spokane, WA 99208
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Our Goal
Our goal here at Tender Care Daycare, is to teach children to love, respect, obey and care for others and their property; to accomplish self-respect and how to earn the respect of others.

Our Philosophy
Tender Care believes that children need an opportunity to explore and experience a variety of activities; to discover the joy of, “I Can”. Children will be free to select materials and activities that are designed by knowledgeable staff, within an environment that encourages discovery and problem solving. Each child will be viewed as a unique individual. Experiences will be planned to meet each child’s needs.

Call: 509-467-5536
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Kami Hassett - Director
Rhonda McIntosh - Program Director
Sharon Henshaw - Treasurer/Supervisor

Infants: 1 month til 1st Birthday: Full-time $700.00 Mo. / Part-time: $500.00 Mo.
Toddlers: 1 yr til Potty Trained: Full-time $590.00 Mo. / Part-time: $450.00 Mo.
Preschool: (Potty Trained) : Full-time $545.00 Mo. / Part-time: $370.00 Mo.

We accept State Pay!

Download the Tender Care Application or the Tender Care Parent Handbook