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Domestic violence suspect arrested


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A short chase resorted in good results.

Spokane Valley Police arrested a domestic violence suspect after she fled in a stolen vehicle. A short pursuit was terminated, but the suspect was located and arrested moments later after she crashed the stolen car into a boulder and fled on foot.

On Monday, at approximately 8:30 a.m., Spokane Valley officers responded to a possible domestic violence call at a residence located in the 19100 block of East Marietta Ave.

The caller reported the suspect, 22-year-old Marionette R. Eblacas, was involved in an argument with Eblacas’ grandmother. The caller stated Eblacas was possibly high, and the argument sounded like it was physical.

Deputy Tim Jones arrived and contacted the victim and witnesses. He learned Eblacas stomped on her grandmother’s foot during the argument before running away. She got into a white Honda CRV and sped away on McMillan. They had never seen the Honda before and provided a license plate of the vehicle.

Deputy Jones also learned Eblacas might be traveling to a meeting with her probation officer on East Desmet.

A check of the license plate revealed the vehicle was reported stolen out of Spokane on Feb. 23, 2020. 

Finding probable cause to charge Eblacas with fourth-degree assault, Jones advised responding units Eblacas might be heading toward Desmet, was last seen driving a reported stolen vehicle, and that Eblacas’ driving privileges were suspended in Washington.

Deputy Skye Ortiz responded to the area of Desmet and Pines to try and locate Eblacas. He found the vehicle parked in the 12500 block of Desmet and activated the emergency lights of his fully marked patrol car, parking in front of the stolen vehicle.

He gave commands for Eblacas, who was sitting in the driver’s seat, to keep her hands on the steering wheel and told her she was not free to leave. Eblacas complied and nodded in the affirmative but suddenly reached down, starting the car.  She drove over the grass, around Ortiz’s patrol car and swerved and drove back towards his location.

Ortiz began to pursue Eblacas as she swerved around traffic in an obvious attempt to flee. She cut through a parking lot at Pines and Mission, exiting westbound on Mission.

Eblacas continued to drive recklessly, and the pursuit was terminated for the safety of the public at Bowdish and Sprague.
Off in the distance, Deputy Ortiz observed Eblacas turn north on Gillis from Sprague, and then a plume of dust rose over the intersection. He drove toward the location and noticed Eblacas running west from Gillis and the crashed vehicle.  Despite commands to stop and being told she was under arrest, Eblacas continued to run.

After a short foot pursuit, Deputy Ortiz caught up to Eblacas.  When he did, Eblacas swung her elbow back toward him. He grabbed her elbow and took her to the ground where she struggled, swinging her arms wildly.  With the assistance of Deputy Byron Zlateff, Eblacas was taken into custody.

Eblacas was provided medical treatment prior to being transported to the Spokane County Jail, where she was booked for possession of a stolen motor vehicle, attempting to allude law enforcement, resisting arrest, making false statements, hit and run and fourth-degree assault.

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