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Folyer, Garcia square off in Liberty Lake


Managing Editor

Dg Garcia and Phil Folyer are vying for the Liberty Lake City Council Position 1 post on Nov. 5.

Phil Folyer
Age: 51

Family/How long living in Liberty Lake: 20 years.

Why did you want to file for candidacy? All my adult life I have been involved in many types of leadership roles other than my business. 21 years in the Army Guard, 2-time president of the Spokane Home Builders Association and a lot of HOA involvement. I decided it was time to get involved at the local level and be a part of the equation a bit closer to home.

What are your goals for the Liberty Lake City Council? My goal is to bring new leadership and experience to the city council. As the city grows, future discussions will revolve around capital improvements and best use of funding. As a small business owner with a construction background, I believe my experience will bring new perspective to the council which will benefit residents and businesses within the city.

What, in your mind, is the biggest issue facing the city in the immediate future? Transportation improvements, long term maintenance and revenue. two long-awaited traffic improvement projects are in the horizon, they truly need 100-percent support by all parties. As the city ages, we must keep maintenance a high priority to ensure long term success. Revenue sources should have a balanced approach to ensure the city does not become susceptible to any single form of revenue.

What surprising issues are people bringing up as you door-knock or meet folks at campaign stops? Growth and how it is structured.

What differences separate you from your opponents? As a business owner, I need to be concise, direct and deliberate when decisions need to be made. Council member actions should have the same approach. I believe our leaders should be honest, trustworthy, open minded, have integrity, able to make accurate statements and be accountable. I believe I carry these traits with all business & personal decisions, I will do the same on the city council.

Dg Garcia
Age:  I am age 64.

Family/How long living in Liberty Lake: I retired from California State Service in December 2015 and moved to Liberty Lake on Dec. 15, 2015. So, that makes it almost four years.

My family, was already living in Spokane County's unincorporated area of Liberty Lake, while others were living in the city of Spokane. However, it is not how long one has been in a place, it is what they have done since they arrived. I have been a contributing resident and community member ever since.

Why did you want to file for candidacy? I wanted to share the capacity of my knowledge, enthusiasm, and commitment, working with the residents, businesses, regional communities, local and state governments. I saw an opportunity to serve my community as it continues to develop. I filed my candidacy to represent the many voices of Liberty Lake. I felt it was the right time and the right thing to do. What better way to contribute to my community, then to step up, raise my hand, and say yes, I'm ready to serve!

What are your goals for the Liberty Lake City Council? My goal for the city of Liberty Lake’s City Council is that they build on the foundation that makes Liberty Lake a great place to live. And that they also uphold the values and principles for which they took an oath -- being a great steward not merely a good one is the most important gift a government can contribute to its community. If chosen to serve alongside current, re-elected, or newly elected officials, I will contribute my talents, experiences, and ideas, to enhance solutions that continue to move forward -- closer to a healthier and even more prosperous economic future, every community desires.

What, in your mind, is the biggest issue facing the city in the immediate future? There are plenty of projects on Liberty Lake's plate: Mission Avenue sidewalk, Harvard Road overlay, roundabout, widening/restriping, Henry Road overlay – right-of-way and design; Madson and Appleway traffic control, Interstate 90 ramp modifications, Trailhead master plan, North Field parking lot and frontage improvements, public works yard grading, fencing and surfacing, housing developments; from approvals to denials -- from the sewer to the sidewalks and from soup to nuts. All critical to our current and immediate future.
To narrow it down, I will focus on three critical issues that could negatively impact any of the projects in the pipeline or currently under construction -- affecting our immediate future:
• Communication: Breakdown of communication leading to the erosion of the public trust should the leadership fail to be open, public and transparent;
• Fiduciary Compromise: Failure to adhere to the responsibility and obligations imposed as part of the city’s fiduciary duty in the management of the peoples’ money;
• Partnerships: Failure to build or repair relationships with our regional partners.
These are three aspects which are critical to a sustainable, robust, vital, disciplined, and determined municipality.

What surprising issues are people bringing up as you door-knock or meet folks at campaign stops? I have not encountered any surprising questions, yet. I have seen happy children, heard great music, enjoyed delicious smells during the dinner hour. I have been entertained by the occasional game night laughter, the request for my peddlers' badge, and new homeowners. I have met new mom's furry pets, those that peek but don't answer -- no thank you is the implied message -- I understand, I get it, they are good people, too.
Overall, I have enjoyed meeting the curious and engaged residents' who are happy living in Liberty Lake and appreciate those who take the time.  They are all interested in knowing what I stand for and want I am committed to doing if elected. The voter, the nonvoter, the child or teen standing alongside the parent in the doorway -- all want the same thing from their leaders -- current and potential. They want to be led by someone ethical, accountable and responsible. They want to have confidence in a leader who will be positive, honest, fair and, most of all, transparent -- not merely on the surface but deep down where the roots of our ideas and ideologies and principles reside.
The best part of this campaign is not the end result, but the journey. Meeting my neighbors -- although we do not live on the same street, we have a connection because we each call Liberty Lake home. And that’s a good thing.

What differences separate you from your opponents? I'll let our records and experiences stand on their own. I have confidence that the only person(s) who could honestly answer your question with certainty is the individual voter. The voter will elect one of us by deciding on the qualities and value systems they look for in a leader. Then, they will lend that candidate their vote.
 We each have our natural-born talents and our environmental influences—places of worship, work opportunities, travels, community associations, friends, and family. The voter will examine and dissect almost every layer of our character, from what they know, have read, or personally experienced. I have confidence some will consult their neighbors, family, and friends to get their take on both my opponent and myself – Dg Garcia. It will be all up to the voter who will decide on Nov. 5, 2019, or as soon as they receive their ballot. Meanwhile, I encourage every voter and or potential registrant to get involved, be involved, and stay involved. It would be an honor to represent all of them individually, and collectively. I would appreciate a vote of confidence should I fit those qualities that we all look for in a leader.
Vote Dg Garcia, City Council Position 1. I think that's a great way to start.

Website? electdglibertylake.org

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