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$182,000 awarded for social service and economic development


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There’s only so much money, but there is plenty of need.

Thirteen nonprofit organizations were selected by the Spokane Valley City Council on Tuesday night to share $182,000 in economic development and social services funding from the city’s 2020 budget. Agencies and amounts funded in council action on Oct. 22 include:

Elevations; a Children’s Therapy Resource Foundation - $3,929;
Family Promise of Spokane - $9,071;
Greater Spokane County Meals on Wheels - $12,969;
JAKT Foundation - $14,862;
NAOMI - $7,254;
Spokane Center for Independent Living - $5,071;
Spokane Valley Arts Council - $25,548;
Spokane Valley Heritage Museum - $9,326;
Spokane Valley Partners - $39,780;
Spokane Valley Summer Theatre - $4,183;
Teen & Kid Closet - $6,500;
Valleyfest - $28,146; and
Widows Might - $15,361.

“It’s always very difficult to do this,” said Council Member Ben Wick. “I wish we could fully fund everybody, but we can’t. I think the process is a good one, and I thank everyone who came out to apply.”

Each year, the Spokane Valley City Council sets aside funds in the city’s budget to contract for services with organizations and activities that benefit Spokane Valley community members.
The council has used a process since 2013 whereby four or more choices receive funding. This time around, seven other agencies who applied for funding did not receive it.

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