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Hees faces Molitor in Millwood race


Managing Editor

Andrew Van Hees is being challenged by Jay Molitor for the Position 4 post on the Milllwood City Council.

Andy Van Hees

Where I stand on the issues:
1. increased police under the sheriff’s office;
2. fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets;
3. maintain high quality of life in our city;
4. continue municipal services, like leaf pickup, fast snow removal, good roads and safe parks;
5. believe in open communication -- I am willing to listen to all concerns and opinions on every topic.

I was born & raised in the Spokane Valley. My wife and I have lived in Millwood for 16 years and have three young boys. I want my boys to have the same opportunities that I had. I try my best to do what's best for all the citizens of Millwood. I'm the only candidate from the east side of Argonne.
My only agenda is doing what's best for the citizens of our city.

Jay Molitor
Age: I’m a very wise, knowledgeable, experienced, young 74-year-old.

Family/How long living in Millwood: I have been a property owner in Millwood for over 40 years and I’ve lived in Millwood for 40 years. My daughter, son, and grandson have all progressed through the West Valley School District, graduating from West Valley High School.

Why did you want to file for candidacy? I believe our existing administration is misspending our hard-earned tax dollars on a frivolous project rather than investing in our infrastructure and additional law enforcement. Our taxpayers are owed financial responsibility.

What are your goals for the Millwood City Council? My goals would be to fix streets and sidewalks, bike paths, continue improvements to our existing beautiful park, and improve our business district to be similar to the Perry district, the Garland district and East Sprague. There’s no reason we can’t accomplish that! And, we need additional law enforcement!

What, in your mind, is the biggest issue facing the city in the immediate future? In listening to neighbors and viewing next-door Millwood many feel we need more law enforcement. We had a situation earlier this year that a Millwood resident took her dog for a walk in the early afternoon and when she came home an hour later her home had been broken into. She immediately called 9-1-1. The sheriff didn’t get to her home until the next day. That kind of response is totally unacceptable. And as Argonne continues to get busier and busier, commuters are speeding through our city on Liberty and Euclid. There’s no law enforcement to enforce the speed limits. Posting a speed limit sign slows down some, but not all. We need more law enforcement.

What surprising issues are people bringing up as you door-knock or meet folks at campaign stops? Their surprise is that our existing administration is willing to spend well over a million dollars of our tax payers money on a park that will be located in the extremely very NW portion of Millwood, a park that is less than a half-acre…that many people in Millwood will never visit.

What differences separate you from your opponents? I have lived in Millwood for 40 years. I believe in our community. As I mentioned previously, our taxpayers are owed financial responsibility. I will bring honest fiscal responsibility that will represent all the residents of Millwood!

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