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LL incumbent Moore challenged by Kurtz


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In the race for Liberty Lake Council Position 5, incumbent Bob Moore is challenged by Annie Kurtz. The general election is Nov. 5.

Annie Kurtz
Age: 42

Family/How long living in Liberty Lake: My husband Dusty and I have lived in Liberty Lake for almost 9 years with our two young daughters, Brooklyn (8) and Callie (4).
Why did you want to file for candidacy? The simple answer is -- it’s just something I really want to do, and I have time. I love policy work. I love working behind the scenes to conceptualize an end product from the granular details to the big picture, and then build it from scratch to achieve the goal. I enjoy working with people, listening to the different perspectives that need to be considered, weighing the impacts, and coming together as a team to decide the best path forward. Not everyone has time and/or interest in these things. I do -- and I hope that voters will find me to be a person they can trust to do this work on their behalf so that they can spend their time enjoying this beautiful city.

It means something to me to be able to contribute to my community. I want to contribute ideas, time, energy, passion, and productive conversation that result in thoughtful additions to our community that enhance the live ability of our town.

Currently, there is only one woman on the council, and I would like to add another steady, balanced, and skilled female voice to the council in order to move towards a City Council that is a better reflection of the community we represent. I offer a fresh perspective, integrity, confidence, a focus on listening to residents, and a commitment to effectiveness, efficiency and timely solutions.

What are your goals for the Liberty Lake City Council? My vision for Liberty Lake is to ensure that we continue to have a safe city with excellent schools, well maintained roads, and amazing local businesses.  I want to encourage and support new small businesses that add vibrancy to the City and help make Liberty Lake a unique and special place to call home.

I continue to hear that Liberty Lake is growing too fast. As a City Council member I would make sure that I advocate and support paced growth of our city. This may include proposing changes to the adopted comprehensive plan to better match the vision that the residents of Liberty Lake have for our community. The city does need to follow the Growth Management Act; however, I believe that comprehensive plans should not remain static and should be reviewed and updated to reflect community desires and sustainability. The last update to the comprehensive plan was completed in 2015.

What surprising issues are people bringing up as you door-knock or meet folks at campaign stops? I haven’t run into anything surprising yet. Most people are concerned about growth. People are also concerned about transparency and accountability for City Council members.

I have suggested adding roll calls to votes, investing in an evaluation and potential upgrade of our current website to support mobile apps and push notifications so residents can opt in for reminders about city news that interests them (road closures, events, City Council/Commission meetings, etc.), and I would support and encourage other innovative ideas that increase how informed our residents are to build confidence in our elected officials.

What differences separate you from your opponents? The biggest differences between myself and the other candidate running for this position are gender, age, and experience on the City Council. I believe that a candidate who is well rounded and actively connecting with residents would be a tremendous asset to the community.

Public Service is my thing—and that includes experience and excellence in:
• Public Policy
• Organizational Leadership
• Budget Monitoring
• Strategic Planning and Needs Assessment
• Policy Design and Analysis
• Program Design, Implementation and Assessment
• Research
• Data Analysis
• Community Development
• Community Engagement and Outreach
• Conflict Resolution
• Quality Assurance and Performance Based Contracting

I enjoy the nitty gritty detailed work of policy and program development. I enjoy meeting with people to really understand how a decision will affect their business or their daily life. My wheelhouse is details. How they apply to policies, codes, and most importantly -- people. I believe that I need to understand the full context of an issue in order to make an informed choice for our community. I can read all of the proposals, plans, minutes, and agendas. However, the best way to really understand impact of decisions is to meet with YOU.

I enjoy working with people. I enjoy making things better. I prefer to hear what the issues are and then go to task to make changes. I am detail orientated. Driven. Thoughtful. Confident. Genuine. Tenacious. Kind.

I want to help lead our community through the next four years. I hope I can earn your confidence and your vote in the coming weeks.

Bob Moore
Age: Senior Citizen

Family/How long living in Liberty Lake: My wife Jackie and I moved to Liberty Lake in November, 2009 to be close to family, specifically our daughter, Council Member Cris Kaminskas and grandson, Kyle Kaminskas, now a senior at Central Valley High School.

Why did you want to file for candidacy? I have served on City Council since 2014 when I was appointed over five other candidates and was re-elected in 2016. I want to continue to serve the city and all of its residents and businesses and complete important infrastructure and other Capital Facilities Plan projects in which I have been involved.

What are your goals for the Liberty Lake City Council? I introduced a Strategic Planning culture to the City of Liberty Lake two years ago. My goals and objectives for Council are to continue the strategic growth management of the City, including the eminent planned infrastructure improvements on the Harvard Road Bridge, the Henry Road overpass, and the Barker Road roundabout, while generating sufficient and diversified revenues in order to maintain a high level of city services and quality of life, in a fiscally responsible manner.

What, in your mind, is the biggest issue facing the city in the immediate future? The biggest issue facing the city is continued growth management, including diversified revenue sources. Specifically, the city and council must determine how to generate its $6 million portion of Washington State Department of Transportation Agreement for the Harvard Road/Henry Road/Barker Road projects.

What surprising issues are people bringing up as your door-knock or meet folks at campaign stops? Perhaps the most surprising issue is the number to people who would like to have a dog park in the city. Great idea!

What differences separate you from your opponents? Now retired, but I have extensive corporate executive management experience, having worked as a CEO, CFO, and COO in large private and public corporations with a management scope of hundreds and multi-million-dollar budgetary responsibilities. In addition, I have over four decades of community service experience, having served as chairman of the Liberty Lake and Montgomery, Ohio planning commissions and on City Council for both communities. Therefore, I am uniquely qualified and experienced to continue to serve on City Council. I expect to be immediately productive since I am intimately familiar with all of the issues facing the city and the dynamics of city government. There is a long learning curve to understand all of the idiosyncrasies in federal, state, and local laws that impact City Council members, not to mention all of the acronyms peculiar to the city.

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