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Vehicle Submerged in Spokane River


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Spokane Fire Department and the Spokane Valley Fire Department responded Tuesday to a report of a vehicle in the river at state line.

On Tuesday at 2:46 a.m. the department was alerted to a reported vehicle in the Spokane River in the area of State Line, Idaho.

A unit from the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office was close by and arrived on scene first and confirmed there was a vehicle submerged in the water, said Shawn Pichette, department spokesman.

Spokane Valley Engine 4 (Otis Orchards) arrived on scene shortly after the sheriff’s deputy and immediately began an initial search of the south river bank from the shore line that did not locate any civilians.  Additional apparatus from Spokane Valley Fire began arriving on scene containing members of our Special Operations Team (swift water rescue capable).

Members from the Special Operations Team entered the water on inflatable kayaks and performed an initial search of the vehicle from the water’s surface and determined it was unoccupied. They then focused their search efforts down river from the incident for some distance to confirm there were no occupants from the vehicle.

Units from the Spokane Fire Department began arriving on scene, but were held in staging until the incident was stabilized.
The vehicle was recovered later on Tuesday.

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