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Spokane Indians commit to zero waste by 2022


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The Spokane Indians have announced a commitment to be a zero-waste facility by 2022.

The team is part of a growing green sports movement joining other teams such as the Seattle Mariners, the San Francisco Giants and the New York Yankees.

“The Spokane Indians Baseball Team has been a proud community partner since 1903, and we understand the importance of doing our part to protect the environment and resources for future generations,” said Senior Vice President Otto Klein. “The ‘Zero Waste by 2022’ campaign is the next chapter for how we are striving to take care of the place we all call home.”

To help reach this goal by 2022, the Spokane Indians are building a closed loop system so food and items that have been traditionally sent to the landfill are reused. The Indians are already investing yearly in many compostable items including beer cups, Pepsi cups (including lids and straws) and utensils.

This year, the Spokane Indians installed 60 zero-waste stations throughout the stadium. There are three streams: compost (green bin), recycling (blue bin) and landfill (gray bin).

The Spokane Indians Green Team then sorts through the bins to ensure all items have been properly separated after each home game. Our compostable items are then sent to a local composting facility where they are broken down with high heat and used to build nutrient-dense soil. This soil is brought back to Avista Stadium and reused in flower beds at the front of the stadium.

To expand the closed loop system, an on-site vegetable garden is being planned for the future. Vegetables from the garden will be featured in specialty food items throughout the ballpark as part of a farm-to-stadium program.

During each off-season, the team will continue to research and develop ways to improve by 2022 and create fun and educational ways to engage fans of all ages.

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