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SVFD hosting risk-assessment consortium


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The Spokane Valley Fire Department is a member of the Pacific Northwest Consortium for accredited fire departments.
The consortium is made up of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Canadian departments that are accredited or in the process of becoming accredited by the Commission on Fire Accreditation International. 

These area agencies meet to analyze best practices nationwide and review application within their own agencies, said Julie Happy, department spokeswoman.

This week the consortium is in Spokane meeting at the SVFD Administration building. The focus for this session is on risk assessment. Nationwide best practices will be evaluated and assessed for the deployment of apparatus in response to service calls.

This assessment will help determine how the SVFD can:
• Better utilize existing resources to best respond to the risks which exist in the SVFD District
• Deliver a higher level of service while being good stewards of the public’s resources
• Forecast and plan for future needs in regard to apparatus, facilities, and staffing
• Understand the risks in order to respond appropriately

“Understanding the risks is important when determining the number of apparatus to send on a response to a call,” said Fire Chief Bryan Collins. “There are safety issues to evaluate on all sides, the safety needs for the incident and the safety needs for the remainder of the community. This type of risk evaluation is impactful to the community at large in that it keeps more units available to serve the remainder of the area should the need arise.”

This process of risk assessment with the consortium will evaluate calls received, probability of occurrence, consequence, and impact to the department. This score will help determine the risk to community as well as the risk to the department when deploying apparatus. More clearly stated - how many trucks does an incident require and how many apparatus are needed to remain available for the remainder of the community should another call for service occur.

The SVFD is one of a handful of accredited fire departments in Washington State. They are the only Accredited Fire Department in the Spokane Metro Area. Accreditation is a higher standard of practice that a fire department willingly chooses to implement within their organization. It promotes excellence and encourages quality improvement, leading to higher service levels for citizens. Accreditation is an impactful choice of a fire department in their commitment to serving their community.

For more information on SVFD Accreditation visit spokanevalleyfire.com.

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