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The art of efficiency is having things down in writing, and the Spokane Valley City Council followed through with that philosophy by ratifying a contract with the local arts council on Tuesday night.

The idea, said City Attorney Cary Driskell, is to formally ratify the arrangement that the Spokane Valley Arts Council and city have employed for years. This will include meetings early in the year, the process of accepting and placement of artwork, and the expected costs of installation.

“Coup Ponies,” a sculpture by Jerry McKellar, was donated to the city of Spokane Valley in 2017 and is located outside City Hall.

The Arts Council, in turn, will continue to be able to use CenterPlace for fundraising efforts and monthly meetings.

“I’m glad we are getting this down in writing,” said Council Member Arne Woodard.

The arts council will be required to give the city at least a year’s notice before artwork is donated along with an estimate of installations costs.

Seven sculptures have already been donated since 2009, and they are scattered between CenterPlace at Mirabeau Point and City Hall on Sprague Avenue or awaiting a final determination for placement.

The arts council also regularly applies for city dollars each year that is earmarked for outside agency funding.

James Harken, director of the arts council, will brief the council about the group ’s current efforts at next Tuesday’s meeting at 6 p.m. at City Hall.

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