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Thieves lurking at lakes, river


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Spokane County Sheriff’s Office Marine Enforcement Unit wants the public to be aware predatory thieves are out exploiting our warmer weather to look for their next opportunity to continue their criminal ways.

Marine Enforcement Unit deputies have heard from residents and recreational users of Liberty Lake, Newman Lake and the Spokane River in the area between Boulder Beach and the Argonne Bridge.
Deputies are hearing of boat prowlings, thefts and vandalism in these areas over the past few weeks, said Deputy Mark Gregory, sheriff’s spokesman.

At this time, there are no suspects or suspect vehicle information although speculation in these communities is the criminals may be accessing docks, boats and private property by water under the cover of darkness.

Law enforcement asks the public to be vigilant in these areas and report thefts, suspicious activity, vehicles and, if possible, without risking your safety, license plates of the vehicles. Don’t leave valuables in boats or other unsecured areas.

If possible, light areas around boats, docks and sheds to lessen a thief’s ability to use darkness to skulk around and commit crimes, Gregory said.

Most stereo equipment/recreational items and tools/equipment are mass produced. Record serial numbers or mark valuables with an engraver allowing your valuables to be identified if a suspicious person is contacted or a suspect is caught. If the crime hasn’t been reported, including a record of specific identifiers for the stolen property, it is extremely difficult to match it back to victims or even prove it is stolen.

If anyone has information regarding these thefts or notices suspicious/criminal activity, call Crime Check at 456-2233. 

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