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In the tradition of the American Public Works Association, those who work in professions that provide and maintain public facilities and services will be recognized during National Public Works Week, May 20–26th.

While there are many professions and disciplines that contribute to the quality of life in the communities we serve, Spokane County is focusing on three primary departments during National Public Works Week: Public Works, Building and Planning and Environmental Services.

Spokane County Public Works Department constructs, operates and maintains more than 2,500 miles of paved and unpaved roads (the largest county road system in Washington state), 166 bridges, seven maintenance facilities, four road districts and thousands of stormwater facilities for the benefit of our residents and the traveling public.

The Spokane County Building and Planning Department is charged with promoting and conserving the health, safety and welfare of the public. This is accomplished through the review of construction and land development proposals, the inspection of buildings, and structures, and coordinating its execution assuring the highest standards of environment and living conditions in accordance with the provisions of RCW 36.70 and 19.27.

In 2017, Building and Planning issued construction permits for commercial and residential properties, including new construction, additions and alterations worth more than $673-million, and conducts more than 26,500 inspections and enforcement actions annually.

The Environmental Services Department plans, constructs, operates and maintains the county’s wastewater system which consists of 624 miles of gravity wastewater collection pipes, 33 miles of force mains, 32 pumping stations, over 13,000 manholes and an award-winning, state-of-the-art Water Reclamation Facility.
In addition, the Water Resources Center provides educational outreach to hundreds of students annually, teaching them about the great importance of our regional water resources.

Environmental Services also manages the Regional Solid Waste System that provides solid waste disposal, clean-up projects at three closed landfill sites, as well as related waste reduction and educational services to eleven participating jurisdictions and the unincorporated areas of Spokane County.

Public works professionals include those who manage water, sewer, public transportation, and refuse removal systems as well as those responsible for maintaining public buildings and grounds. They are, in short, the people who maintain and improve the systems and services vital to a community’s health, safety and comfort.

For more information about each department, go to:

  • Public Works, spokanecounty.org/publicworks
  • Building and Planning, spokanecounty.org/bp
  • Environmental Services, spokanecounty.org/es
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