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Input needed on SRTC plan update


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The Spokane Regional Transportation Council is looking for input on the recently updated Public Participation Plan. A public review and comment period for the document goes through Nov,15.
The PPP guides how SRTC reaches out to the public, including traditionally “underserved” populations like minorities and households living in poverty, to inform them of agency activities.

The plan also includes tools and resources used to do this, as well as:
• How public comments can be submitted and how each comment is considered and handled by staff,
• Agencies and groups SRTC coordinates with, including local non-profits and Native American Tribes,
• Methods used to notify the public of SRTC activities,
• Where to find SRTC documents, including for those without internet access, and
• How the effectiveness of SRTC’s outreach efforts are evaluated.
The PPP also addresses when and where public meetings are held; how access is provided to people with disabilities and those who speak limited English; and how maps, brochures, newsletters, and other materials are used to publicize SRTC activities.

The Public Participation Plan was last updated in 2013. SRTC is looking for input on the draft document, available for public review and comment through Nov. 15.

Members of the public are invited to review it and suggest outreach methods or tools that may not have been recognized in the plan. The draft update can be viewed at www.srtc.org or by contacting SRTC at 343-6370. Comments can be submitted by emailing contact.srtc@srtc.org , mailing to SRTC at 421 W. Riverside, Suite 500 Spokane, WA 99201 or by calling 343-6370.

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