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Millwood mayoral race on ballot


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A four-year incumbent mayor in Millwood is looking to hang onto is job for another term. Mayor Kevin Freeman, a West Valley High School graduate, is challenged by Jay Molitor, who is concerned about public safety.

Kevin Freeman
Family/how long living in Millwood? I am a husband and father of two children. I have been married for 25 years to Lisa, an English instructor at Spokane Falls Community College. My children are Nathan, a WVHS graduate and Junior at University of Nevada and Abbie, also a WVHS graduate and freshman at University of Washington. My grandfather and grandmother were lifelong Valley residents; my grandfather worked at Ideal Cement until his retirement. My mother and aunt were both West Valley graduates (’58 and ’69, respectively). My wife and I became Millwood residents in 1998.

Why did you want to file for candidacy? I wish to continue the work I began four years ago as mayor. I believe that Millwood has made significant strides toward improving livability for our current and future residents and businesses. These improvements have been achieved in a collaborative and cost-effective manner. The city has the resources and opportunities to continue to improve, and I want to assist in achieving these improvements.

What are your goals for the Millwood City Council? My chief goal is to continue the efforts to reduce the adverse impacts that our current traffic situation has on our residents and business. This includes reducing congestion on Argonne Road, combating speeding and reckless driving through our neighborhoods, and providing safe pedestrian and bicycling routs through our city, especially to businesses, parks and schools. Over the last four years, the city has received $3.5 million in funding from other sources to design and construct projects to address these issues. I intend to continue this effort in finding and securing outside funding sources for these projects.

What, in your mind, is the biggest issue facing the city in the immediate future? Enhancing and maintaining a vital and livable city that is attractive to residents and businesses. Development of parks, roads, sidewalks, and parking are the projects that make our city better for our residents, their children and those who come to patronize our local businesses. Additionally, we need to continue our efforts to combat property crime and petty theft within the city. The overall crime rate in Millwood has decreased, but we need to pursue opportunities and concepts that collaborate our citizens with law enforcement to reduce criminal activity in Millwood.

What surprising issues are people bringing up as you door-knock or meet folks at campaign stops? I think the most surprising issue is that how diverse opinions, concerns, interests, and needs are even in a city as “small” in area as Millwood. As an example, residents on the east side of Argonne have different concerns than on the west side of Argonne, and residents on the east side of Argonne closer to Trent have different concerns from those residents closer to the river. There are similar types of concerns for the general welfare of the city, but when it comes to those items that truly impact individuals, those concerns are very specific to areas or even a given block in the city.

What differences separate you from your opponent? My experience and involvement in the Millwood community. I have spent the last 18 years serving Millwood as a Planning Commission member, City Council member and mayor. I understand all aspects of municipal finance and government, allowing me to administer city resources in an effective and cost-efficient manor, consistent with state rules and guidelines. As mayor I have worked to ensure that Millwood and our concerns were voiced to our regional government and surrounding municipalities. I currently serve on the board of directors for the Spokane Transit Authority, the Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency, and as the chairman of the Board of Health for the Spokane Regional Health District. I am passionate and dedicated to making Millwood better for all of our residents. I want to make sure that my tenure as mayor improves the city now and for the future.

Jay Molitor
Age: 72
Why did you want to file for candidacy? I filed because our current Mayor is being fiscally irresponsible He has forgotten his fiduciary responsibilities owed to all residents and businesses in Millwood. We cannot spend over $1 million two residential riverfront lots and raise taxes to pay for it.

What are your goals for the Millwood City Council? It’s time to govern our town according to the principles of fiscal and fiduciary responsibility. We need a strong leader to shepherd us through numerous infrastructure opportunities such as: improving our streets and sidewalks, fulfilling our commitment to walk/bike/bus by adding bike lanes, improving our park and beautifying our business district akin to the recently completed East Sprague project.

What, in your mind, is the biggest issue facing the city in the immediate future? Law enforcement! We’re dealing with rampant speeding, as well as an increase in vandalism and theft. Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich stated at a recent City Council meeting he only has one deputy to cover the hundreds of square miles in the district, including Millwood. By comparison, the town of Reardan, with one-third the population of Millwood, has one full-time and four part-time law enforcement officers.

What surprising issues are people bringing up as you door-knock or meet folks at campaign stops? Major concerns regarding increasing speed and congestion, as well as rising property crimes. As Argonne continues to increase traffic, more and more people will be speeding through Millwood. I share my neighbor’s concerns and will direct our government to make our community safer.

What differences separate you from your opponent? As a business and community leader, I have the experience and savvy to utilize the resources we have to better our community. From wasteful spending on unneeded parks to rising crime, it’s time that we have a leader on our side that represents all taxpayers.

Website: MolitorforMayor.com

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