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Liberty Lake council race slims down


Managing Editor

A race for an open Liberty Lake City Council seat has become a bit less contentious with the announcement by Dylan McGuire would no longer be running – despite his name on the ballot – against Mike Kennedy. Here are their statements…

Mike Kennedy

What best qualifies you for this position? During the Sept. 5, 2017, City Council meeting, my opponent Dylan McGuire announced “he is unable to continue his campaign and he will not have the time to devote to being a city council member.” Because the ballots were printed before McGuire stopped campaigning, both names will appear. Your vote matters: Please mark and return your ballots. Thank you!

My qualifications are extensive, and entirely relevant to the challenges the council faces. I have been a regular attendee of city council meetings since we moved to Liberty Lake in 2002. I am a past member of Spokane City Planning Commission and Liberty Lake Planning Commission. I have spent years as a business owner, managing finances, budgets and people. Finance is a world where I am confident and comfortable, and those skills will help both the council and community!

Being involved, I have heard the concerns of my fellow citizens. The worries of public safety, traffic management, city parks, budgeting and well managed growth have all been topics that have been discussed, and I am able to offer more to the council than just opinions; I can bring fiscal responsibility, an understanding of the budget process and an ability to plan for the future effectively.

What is the most important issue that needs to be addressed? Our revenue comes from three taxes: property, sales and utility. Once revenue is set it opens the “what do we want to accomplish” discussion, starting with what is possible, before “what we would like.” With attention to detail, we can accomplish priorities, limit tax increases, and avoid unwanted bonds being put up for vote.
Working with the council to respond to those needs, and to prioritize key issues, all comes down to the budget spending. “What do we need?” And then “How are we going to pay for it?” We must develop and adhere to a proper and well-designed financial plan for the future, because with that in hand, anything becomes possible.

What, in your mind, is the biggest issue facing the city in the immediate future? One of the largest issues that citizens bring to my attention is traffic congestion.

To resolve this important issue, we need to continue to develop and execute a plan to widen Harvard Road overpass. We are approximately 10,000 residents now and in a few short years we can easily surpass 15,000. If the council does not aggressively make this a priority the problem will only get worse. In addition we also need to focus on the Henry Road interchange. 

What differences separate you from your opponent? As previously mentioned, my opponent stated at the City Council meeting on Sept. 5, 2017, that “he is unable to continue his campaign and will not be able to dedicate the time and attention to the city council that he feels the people of Liberty Lake deserve.”

When you receive your ballot, you will see that both names are listed. It is important that you still vote and mail in your ballot.
I am confident that if I am able to bring my years of experience, successful business management and critical analysis to the City Council, I can help make a better future for Liberty Lake.

Dylan McGuire
I am deeply disappointed to announce that I will be unable to continue my campaign for Liberty Lake City Council.

Due to unexpected changes at my workplace, my job duties and workload have increased significantly over the past few months. These added responsibilities will not allow me to dedicate the time and attention to the City Council that I feel the people of Liberty Lake deserve.

My wife and I remain dedicated to building a stronger sense of community that encourages neighbors getting to know each other, lending a helping hand when we see someone in need, and working together to help all of our Liberty Lake residents feel safe and at home here.

We value the experience we’ve gained listening to community members express their ideas and concerns, and discussing the shared desire for a better Liberty Lake. We appreciate the opportunity we’ve had to get to know some of our City Council members and extremely hard-working city staff, and our exemplary police department.

We are encouraged by the increased level of community involvement we’ve seen recently, and the emphasis on the importance of accountability and transparency. Clear communication and government accountability are vital to keep our community informed, connected, and involved as Liberty Lake continues to grow. We hope that with this increased interest, we’ll see more fresh faces stepping up to run for office and getting actively involved.

Despite the unfortunate timing of my changes at work, I still intend to do my part to help serve our community to the best of my ability. It may not be as an elected official at this time, but my commitment to this city is unwavering.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported my campaign, especially my wife, Alyson, whose love and support have sustained me."

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