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AV system OK’d to tune of $238,000


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It probably comes to no surprise that the audio/video system in the new Spokane Valley City Hall will be, well, new.

And, since most state-of-the-art electronics aren’t cheap, the price tag for the screens, speakers and associated gear will run $238,051 as approved by the City Council on Tuesday night.

Some of that sticker shock, however, should be mitigated in that no city general funds will be used. Instead, accumulated public, educational and governmental (PEG) funding – which is collected on cable television bills -- is available for the purchase. EVCO Sound and Electronics Inc. of Spokane was the sole bidder for the project.

The system will allow for live broadcasts of council meetings from the new city hall, currently under construction at the former University City site on Sprague Avenue. Screens and sound will be available not only within the council chambers but also in the lobby of city hall.

Deputy Mayor Arne Woodard was quick to point out, though, that equipment the city already uses to broadcast and archive meetings over the internet will be integrated with the new equipment.

“Quite a bit that is presently used will be coupled up,” Woodard said.

The new system will also allow for individual displays for council members at the dais, as well as for staff members like the city manager, city attorney and city clerk.

There will also be video and audio provided to a second-floor council conference room.
The new city hall’s construction is on schedule and expected to open later this year.

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