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Valley fire crews battle fire in snowstorm


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Spokane Valley Fire Department and Spokane Fire District 8crews responded to a residential structure fire at 18309 E. Desmet Avenue shortly last week. 

On Dec. 15 around 2 a.m., two residents were home and awake in the house when they noticed flames on the second floor, said Darrin Coldiron, SVFD spokesman. The residents called 911 and evacuated.

One resident was evaluated for smoke inhalation but was released with no injuries.

Valley 22 and Valley Ladder 10 crews were first on scene and, observing smoke pouring from the gable vent, they upgraded the incident to a working fire. VL10 made entry through the front door with a hoseline and tools and found the first floor clear of fire. 
VL10 advanced the hoseline up the stairs to the second floor, where they found heavy smoke banked down to knee height and active fire on the second floor and in the attic. The VL10 crew was able to extinguish the flames with under 300 gallons of water, and kept fire from damaging the first floor of the residence. 

Five engines, two ladder trucks, one rescue truck, two command vehicles and a safety officer responded to the working fire. Crews extinguished the fire within 5 minutes of arrival.  The cause of the fire is unknown. 

The Spokane Valley Fire Department would like to remind residents to take extra care this winter with all electrical and heating appliances and to not overload electrical outlets.

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