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2016 Spokane Scholars Foundation honorees named


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The Spokane Scholars Foundation announces the 2016 recipients for the Spokane Scholars Foundation Medal of Academic Achievement.
The students will be honored at the 24th annual Spokane Scholars Foundation Banquet on Monday, April 18, at the Spokane Convention Center. Doors open at 6 p.m.

Each scholar has been nominated by his or her high school principal, counselor and teachers based on scholarly accomplishments in one of six content areas.

The foundation will award $60,000 in monetary grants from $,100 to $4,00 to 24 of the scholars, four each in each category.

Tristan Albrecht, Freeman High School
Marco Ammatelli, Mead High School
Karianna Aufderhar, Upper Columbia Academy
Carver Bain, North Central High School
Andrew Brodhead, West Valley High School
Audry Burgess, East Valley High School
Collin Cremers, St. George's School
David Gilmartin, Valley Christian School
Kathryn Grossmann, Mt. Spokane High School
Kimiko Hirota, Shadle Park High School
Michaela Knoll, St. Michael's Academy
Jessica Laird, Medical Lake High School
Mathias Maughan, University High School
Naomi McQuary, Gonzaga Preparatory School
Madison Meuler, Lewis and Clark High School
David Olds, Northwest Christian School
Kialynn Palpant, The Oaks Classical Christian Academy
Nicholas Pickering, Joel E. Ferris High School
Sarah Reel, Newport High School
Brittany Reilly, Riverside High School
Bridgette Roll, Liberty High School
Hannah Simonsen, Cheney High School
Brittany Thomas, Deer Park High School
Payton Thomas, Lakeside High School
Conrad Weeks, John R. Rogers High School
Maggie Young, Central Valley High School

World Languages
Parker Bailey, Upper Columbia Academy
Callie Bostic, Deer Park High School
Catherine Cable, The Oaks Classical Christian Academy
MichelinaCozzetto, Mt. Spokane High School
Matthew Fode, University High School
Abby Horton, Central Valley High School
Jason Kissinger, Mead High School
Nicholas Lin, Lewis and Clark High School
Rachel McGlothlen, West Valley High School
Esther Osborne, Joel E. Ferris High School
JuyunPhang, Gonzaga Preparatory School
Noah Raver, Northwest Christian School
Karlee Rayman, Shadle Park High School
Noah Schmick, Freeman High School
Miyana Shively, East Valley High School
Sukhpret Singh, John R. Rogers High School
Manisha Sinha, Saint George's School
Riley Smith, North Central High School
Nicholas Snyder, Riverside High School
Brenna Strain, Medical Lake High School
Samantha Zakrzewski, Cheney High School

Fine Arts
Jayton Alder, Deer Park High School
Claire Arensmeyer, Cheney High School
Andrey Berlov, John R. Rogers High School
Rachel Clark, Lakeside High School
Michael Galeotti, Mead High School
Eric Gallagher, Shadle Park High School
EllisaLaboy, West Valley High School
Christa LaVoie, The Oaks Classical Christian Academy
Brenna McDermeit, Newport High School
Emily McFarland, Gonzaga Preparatory School
RoylanMessinger, Upper Columbia Academy
Isabel Morales, East Valley High School
Megan Paternoster, Freeman High School
John Petrovich, Mt. Spokane High School
Thomas Pulliam, St. Michael's Academy
Kimberly Satre, Joel E. Ferris High School
Gabrielle Stone, North Central High School
Kyle Thiessen, Lewis and Clark High School
Clarissa Tracy, Central Valley High School
Gwyneth Vanderholm, Riverside High School
Skylar Wachtel, Medical Lake High School
Malinda Wagstaff, Saint George's School
Jordan Willson, University High School

Brett Benson, University High School
Kristen Bressler, West Valley High School
Darcy Campbell, Joel E. Ferris High School
Xiaoman Jerry Chu, Saint George's School
Brendon Davis, Lewis and Clark High School
Kate Dobratz, Shadle Park High School
Collin Dunn, Central Valley High School
Nicholas Franz, Freeman High School
Brendan Geary, Newport High School
Kelly Hooper, Gonzaga Preparatory School
Andrew Hoover, Mt. Spokane High School
Kwangmin Kim, Valley Christian School
Rebecca Landron, North Central High School
Melanie Manning, Riverside High School
Heidi Plough, Deer Park High School
Gaelyn Prior, East Valley High School
Lillian Ragudo, The Oaks Classical Christian Academy
Jeremy Ryan, Medical Lake High School
Ian Starkey, Northwest Christian School
Shogo Starr, Cheney High School
Geoffrey Urbin, Upper Columbia Academy
Travis Viehouser, Lakeside High School
Tyler Wang, John R. Rogers High School
Steven Zuelke, Mead High School

Dara Abounorinejad, Medical Lake High School
Derek Bouvier, Mt. Spokane High School
Ian Burgess, The Oaks Classical Christian Academy
Michael Campbell, Valley Christian School
Shawen Christensen, West Valley High School
Abigail Colestock, North Central High School
Jackson Cooper, Gonzaga Preparatory School
Cullen Demakis, University High School
Keith Dumaw, Liberty High School
Gerard Gaimari, Joel E. Ferris High School
Paige Gedicke, Lakeside High School
Zachary Hanson, East Valley High School
Joshua Jenkins, Central Valley High School
Marlowe Keller, Deer Park High School
Samantha Knight, Riverside High School
Hailey Lister, Lewis and Clark High School
Alma Longhurst, Freeman High School
Kevin Lutz, Shadle Park High School
Angela McDermeit, Newport High School
MarikaMorelan, Saint George's School
Shayla Payne, Cheney High School
Emily Placzek, Mead High School
Kristen Wagner, Upper Columbia Academy
Micaela Whigham, John R. Rogers High School
Erin Whitley, Northwest Christian School

Social Studies
Cole Ahrendt, Lakeside High School
Georgianna Black, Cheney High School
Alex Carl, Medical Lake High School
Ethan Crosby, Freeman High School
Katherine Cvancara, The Oaks Classical Christian Academy
Ryan Dieter, Upper Columbia Academy
VitaliyGantukh, John R. Rogers High School
Austin Hall, Deer Park High School
Caroline Hammett, Saint George's School
Blythe Irwin, Lewis and Clark High School
Justice Iseminger, North Central High School
Caleb Johnson, Central Valley High School
Benjamin Magruder, University High School
Ashley Meyer, West Valley High School
Kristian Mitchell, Newport High School
Bailey O'Connor, Mt. Spokane High School
Bryce Pointer, East Valley High School
Joel Potyk, Joel E. Ferris High School
Daniel Roberts, Mead High School
Samantha Sentenn, Gonzaga Preparatory School
Alayna Spencer, Riverside High School
Joshua Stuhr, Northwest Christian School
Andrew Tortorello, Shadle Park High School
Samuel Welp, St. Michael's Academy

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