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Pit bulls attack deputy, K-9


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A pit bull is dead, and a Spokane Valley Police officer and his K-9 partner are a bit shaken up, after an early-morning incident Tuesday.
At 12:20 a.m., Spokane Valley Police responded to a residence located in the 8000 block of East Alki as they attempted to locate 48-year-old Gary B. Olive.
Olive, who is well known to deputies, had a confirmed felony Department of Corrections no-bail warrant for his arrest, said Deputy Mark Gregory, police spokesman.
Officers set up a perimeter around the residence to block any attempt to flee as Deputy Jeff Thurman, joined by his partner K-9 Laslo, who was on a leash, knocked on the side door of the residence which led to the carport. The front yard of the residence is enclosed with a chain link fence but the gate was open.
As a male answered the door, Thurman could hear dogs inside the residence.  He told the male to keep the dogs inside the residence since he had Laslo outside.
The male exited the residence, keeping the dogs contained inside. Thurman advised the male of the warrant for Olive, and Olive needed to surrender.
As the male started to go back inside the residence, Thurman again reminded him to keep the dogs inside.
A few minutes later, the male and Olive exited the residence while keeping the dogs contained inside. As police began to take Olive into custody, a female -- later identified as 21-year-old Aldina Bajramovic -- exited the front door of the residence leaving the front door wide open.
Thurman yelled for her to close the door, but she failed to follow his commands. Two dogs, which appeared to be pit bulls, exited the residence and charged toward Thurman and Laslo.
Thurman tried to retreat with Laslo to avoid a confrontation, but the dogs continued their charge and viciously began attacking Laslo. The deputies tried to separate and even kick the dogs to stop the attack, but the two dogs continued to try and bite Laslo around his neck and side.
The male, who originally exited the residence, also tried to separate the dogs but was unable to control them. At one point, Laslo fell to the ground on his back with both pit bulls on top of him. Thurman tried to pick Laslo up but the pit bulls continued their attack.
Thurman pulled Laslo toward him as one of the dogs bit him on the lower leg while the second continued to attack the area around Laslo’s neck.
After continually trying to separate the dogs without success -- and believing Laslo’s life was in danger as well as his own personal safety -- Thurman drew his weapon and fired one shot, striking the pit bull that was attacking Laslo’s neck. The dog ceased the attack, ran off and later died of his injury.
The second dog continued attacking Laslo, but the male from the residence gained control of the dog.
Thurman checked Laslo and found no visible injuries. He believes the ballistic vest Laslo was wearing may have prevented Laslo from being seriously injured.
Thurman received a single puncture wound to his lower leg during the incident.
Bajramovic had a confirmed misdemeanor warrant for her arrest, and she was transported and booked into the Spokane County Jail.
Olive was transported and booked into the Spokane County Jail for his felony DOC warrant.

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