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Web page details Painted Hills process

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Questions over a planned 580-home development at the former Painted Hills Golf Course have resulted in the city of Spokane Valley developing a Web page to hopefully clear things up.
On Oct. 6, Spokane Valley City Council members heard a report from John Hohman, city community development director, that his office has been strained under the workload of meeting 35 public-information requests – 22 from a specific individual and two others from law firms – regarding the proposed development.

Meanwhile, opponents of the planned residential development (PRD) have organized the Painted Hills Preservation Association and have voiced concerns over negative impacts to traffic, overcrowding in schools, the potential for flooding and the detriment to wildlife.
However, since there is no rezone involved – the area in question was zoned back in 2007—the issue will be decided by city’s hearing examiner after a public hearing, which has yet to be scheduled.

“The hearing examiner makes the final decision on all PRDs,” Hohman said.

The golf course, located at 4403 S. Dishman-Mica Road, has been closed since 2012 after the owners filed for bankruptcy. For a brief time there was consideration that the city would buy the property and turn it into a park but potential investors came forward saying that the land should be maintained as a golf course.

Black Realty Inc., however, offered $1.1 million at a trustee’s auction in 2013 and began work on the PRD.

The proposal includes 300 single-family homes and 280 multifamily units. There is also a small amount of retail space that could be developed along Dishman-Mica Road, and another 30 acres devoted to open space.

While there has been a history of flooding in the area, it will be the Federal Emergency Management Agency that will conduct a review and submit its findings to the hearing examiner. The city, however, will conduct a traffic study.

The link to the Painted Hills Web page can be clicked on the spokanevalley.org home page.

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