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Juvenile detention, EV buses OK’d

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STA tax hike on brink of failure

Spokane County voters and those casting ballots in the East Valley School District appeared to be in a giving mood when votes were counted Tuesday night.

County voters – though at slightly over 30-percent turnout – continued their support for Proposition 1, which will extend a one-tenth of 1 percent sales-and-use tax. Voters said “yes” by over 69 percent, and the funds will be used to continue operate, maintain, repair and equip juvenile detention facilities and jails through 2025.
EVSD voters – with a just-over 200-vote margin – seem ready to fund a two-year levy to purchase new school buses. Yes votes outnumbered those in the negative column 2,349-2,122 when initial votes were counted in the first returns of Tuesday’s special election.

Spokane Transit Authority officials, however, may have to hold their collective breath a bit longer as more mail-in ballots are counted for its own Proposition 1. The measure, if approved, would increase local sales taxes by an additional three-tenths of 1 percent to expand services.

As of Tuesday night, STA’s ballot request – which would raise $270 million over the next 10 years -- was failing with 50.62 percent of voters saying no. As additional votes are counted, however, the results could swing farther one way or the other.

Meanwhile, bond requests to fund projects in the Cheney and Nine Mile Falls school districts were failing as of Tuesday to reach the needed 60-percent supermajority for passage.

The election results are not official until certified on May 12.

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