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It was a light agenda Tuesday before the Spokane Valley City Council, which found a little extra love for area social service agencies.
Each year, the city hears requests and provides assistance to local charitable nonprofits along with economic development groups. In 2014, $150,000 had been set aside for funding. Council members then submit their own suggestions on how the money should be divvied up, and agencies that receive four or more member votes are awarded the average of the recommendations.
Agencies that receive fewer than four votes – in this case, that turned out to be Goodwill Industries of the Pacific Northwest, which requested $2,500 – are not considered for funding.
Based on that formula, the following economic-development agencies were unanimously granted funding:

  • Greater Spokane Inc., $23,286 (requested $50,000)
  • Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce, $15,400 (requested $29,400)
  • Spokane Valley Arts Council, $12,000 (requested $24,200)
  • Valleyfest, $19,714 (requested $50,000)

The social service agencies received:

  • Big Brothers and Sisters, $4,414 (requested, $9,000)
  • Children’s Home Society, $3,571 (requested $9,880)
  • Greater Spokane County Meals on Wheels, $12,857 (requested $28,000).
  • Greater Spokane Substance Abuse Council, $7,285 (requested $12,000).
  • Hearth Homes, $9,571 (requested $19,800)
  • Spokane Neighborhood Action Partners, $4,000 (requested $15,000)
  • Spokane Valley Partners, $33,142 (requested $40,000)
  • YWCA, 4,671 (requested $12,720)

That left $3,387 of the initial $150,000 remaining. Council Member Chuck Hafner suggested that the motion be amended so that the leftover amount would be distributed evenly among the eight social service agencies at about just over $420 apiece.
“Even though it’s a small amount, it could very well help some of these service agencies,” Hafner said.
Council Member Ed Pace, however, did not support Hafner’s amendment.
“Just because we have the (extra) money doesn’t mean we need to spend it,” Pace said. “Leave it alone. Leave it in the bucket.”
Pace, who has served as pastor of caring ministries at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Spokane Valley, did join the rest of the council in voting for the funding allocations.
The council has canceled its meeting for Sept. 30 and will next convene Oct. 7.

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