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Solid waste options considered


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Spokane Valley City Manager Mike Jackson has begun reviewing two solid waste options that City Council members will be asked to consider at their May 27 meeting.
However, Jackson wants it clear that Waste Management is still the company that would be picking up curbside trash.
"Tonight we are not talking about collection,” Jackson said at Tuesday night’s council meeting. “we're talking only about transfer, transport, and final disposal, so we're not going to change the Waste Management truck that comes by your residence."
The issue appeared on an updated agenda Tuesday.
The current interlocal agreements for participation in the existing Spokane Regional Solid Waste System are set to expire on Nov. 16. Spokane County commisioners have asked for a decision by May 31 on its proposed Solid Waste Interlocal Agreement presented to the council in February of this year.
In addition to reviewing the terms of the county's proposed Solid Waste Interlocal Agreement, Jackson and Deputy City Attorney Erik Lamb outlined the terms of a proposed contract with Sunshine Recyclers Inc. Each option includes all of the same solid waste services that are currently provided to Spokane Valley citizens, including the ability for those who prefer to take their own refuse to a transfer station. Neither option requires mandatory curbside pickup.
Before going into a side-by-side comparison of the two options, Jackson reminded listeners of the council's goal to find the solid waste options that are in the best interests of Spokane Valley citizens, including consideration of contracts with private companies as a way to minimize the cost of providing government services.
Key comparison points included the duration of each option. The term of a contract with Sunshine would be for 10 years with two three-year extensions on mutual agreement, and no early opt-out. The county option would be for a seven-year term with four five-year extensions on mutual agreement, with an early opt-out at three years. However, an early opt-out would mean the city would have to repeat the process to find, evaluate and implement an alternative, beginning almost immediately.
A copy of the presentation, including the full side-by-side comparison, is available for viewing on the city's Web site at spokanevalley.org/solidwaste. Copies are also available for review at City Hall, 11707 E. Sprague Ave., Suite 106, or by calling 720-5411.
Community members are welcome to attend the council meeting on May 27 at which the council will consider the motion on which option the city will pursue.

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