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Boil advisory remains in effect


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As of Wednesday, the state Department of Health continued to advise residents north of Spokane Valley to boil their drinking water due to potential E. coli bacteria contamination.
Pasadena Park Elementary School staffers were informed of the contamination on Friday, while state engineers continue to test the water and attempt to determine the source of the potentially harmful bacteria.

Customers of Pasadena Park Water District 17 received word via television and social media last Friday after the state issued the warning. As of Saturday, yellow placards began turning up on the homes of about half of the water district’s patrons living two miles east and west of Argonne Road, and from the north bank of the Spokane River to about one mile south of Stoneman Road.
“The health and safety of our customers is our first priority,” said Bruce Davidson, manager of the water district. “We are doing all we can to find out what happened and take action as needed. We appreciate the patience and understanding of our customers as we work through this.”

The advisory affects more than 2,300 homes and businesses.
E. coli can cause gastrointestinal illness, and water should be boiled to for drinking, brushing teeth, preparing food, making ice and washing dishes.

While the source of the contamination is sought out, the water district has upped the amount of chlorine in the system. Affected customers are asked to run their faucets for at least 15 minutes to help flush the chlorine through. Caution should be used while washing clothes, as colors could fade due to chlorination.
While there are a number of water utilities that serve Spokane Valley, the advisory only pertains to Pasadena Park Irrigation District 17 customers.

Those with questions can get more information by calling 926-5535.

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