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Council OKs second phase of decant facility


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In an effort to save money and clear sludge, the Spokane Valley City Council wasted little time in awarding a bid to construct the second phase of the Spokane Valley Regional Decant Facility on Tuesday.
The award of the $841,000 contract to S&L Underground Inc. for the project, located on state property on Montgomery Avenue just west of Pines Road, comes a bit later than initially planned. The first query for construction costs occurred last September and had three bidders all making offers 12-percent higher than the engineer’s estimate.
“It’s never popular to have the engineer win the bid,” said Eric Guth, public works director.
Due to the higher cost and the fact that the state did not have additional funds to cover the difference, Guth said the city decided to scrap the bids and wait until now to try again.
Six bids came in this time around, Guth said, and there will be a net decrease of $100,000 in project costs. The Department of Ecology and the Washington State Department of Transportation have pledged over $200,000 collectively in additional funds. The city will cover the $41,000 remaining cost.
The facility is jointly used by the city and state to separate water from the solid material that is collected from the city’s 7,350 drywells and 3,460 catch basins. A vactoring truck, which the city contracts for, is used to suck out the debris.
Under an agreement with WSDOT, the city was tasked with designing and building the plant, while the state will own and operate the facility. The majority of the cost was paid for by the state.
Previously the city contracted to have the work done. However, before the debris could be hauled off to a landfill, the water had to be absorbed into woodchips which took extra time. The decant facility does the job faster and saves the city about $410to $540 per load each trip.
“With what we need to do and this amount of cost savings, it’s a great deal,” said Council Member Chuck Hafner.

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