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Council’s anti-exposure law gets thumbs up


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The Spokane Valley City Council got one part covered Tuesday night.
The remaining loose end will get taken care of by the end of the month.
With the enthusiastic support of the self-described Coalition of Community Values – its membership well represented at the meeting – the Spokane Valley City Council voted without dissent to pass a first reading of an ordinance to deal with “unlawful public exposure.” The second reading is on the council docket for Nov. 26.
Shane Criddle, representing the group that has decried scantily clad baristas who’ve taken to adorning themselves with G-strings and pasties on “Topless Tuesdays and Thursdays” at the XXX Espresso not far from City Hall on Sprague Avenue, thanked the council for the “speed that you’ve addressed this issue.”
“We’re full of gratitude of what you’ve done,” Criddle said. “We’re grateful for the work staff has put into this.”
Sheryl Demars, a Central Valley-area parent, echoed Criddle’s thanks.
“I’m grateful I can tell my seven children that even though everyone is doing something, that doesn’t mean it’s OK,” she said.
Council members said they were happy with the law because it makes sure that businesses – not just coffee stands – don’t cross the line over into the city’s highly regulated adult-entertainment code. The proposed law would require that clothing be “full or opaque” and securely attached over and around the shoulders, neck and back. Body paint or tattoos won’t apply, nor would any substance that could be washed off.
The law also requires that “prohibited body parts” be fully covered.
On the more mundane side of the agenda, the council:

  • Approved a resolution to establish a “capital facilities area” for the Spokane County Library District that will allow for a vote in the spring of 2014 to authorize a property tax levy in order to build a new library near Balfour Park, a new library near Shelly Lake and an expansion of the existing Argonne library. The area primarily includes the Spokane Valley, Liberty Lake and Newman Lake areas, who would be the only ones to vote on the issue.
  • Approved the 2014 comprehensive plan amendment docket. City-initiated map amendments will include a reclassification of city-owned property near the Centennial Trail north or the Mirabeau Trailhead and striking any references to a “city center” throughout the document. The Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service is also seeking a land-use change from low-density residential to corridor mixed-use for property near Trent Avenue and Bradley Road in order to facilitate operations as a regional animal shelter.
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