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Knowledge of our history is critical to understanding the community in which we live," said Bill Zimmer, one of several people who nominated the Spokane Valley Heritage Museum for October's Community Recognition Award, presented in celebration of Spokane Valley's Ten Year Anniversary.
The museum's mission "to collect, preserve, and exhibit the history and culture of Spokane Valley for the education and inspiration of the community" has made it an invaluable cultural asset, writes another nominator.  Many nominations also note that the museum has made Spokane Valley a better place to live by providing educational tours for the hundreds of schoolchildren and visitors that pass through its doors.
The focus of the Community Recognition Award is to honor an individual or organization that positively impacts the community. The Heritage Museum hopes to do that by preserving the community's common identity which it believes will enable the city to face future economic growth and development with a greater sense of direction.
In addition to the museum's role in raising local and regional awareness of Spokane Valley's heritage, it was also nominated for fostering volunteerism. Many people praised the dedication of museum members, volunteers, and contributors in their nomination letters.
The city of Spokane Valley encourages community members to nominate for recognition those individuals/organizations/businesses whose efforts have contributed positively to the Spokane Valley community. Information on the program and nomination forms can be found at spokanevalley10.com by selecting the Community Recognition button, or by calling 720-5102.

Nominations must be received by Nov. 5 to be considered for November's selection process and by Dec. 5 for December's selection process. All nominations received will be kept on file for future consideration until the end of the program on Dec. 31, 2013
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