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Lunstroth sees challenge from Helms in EVSD


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Kerri Lunstroth has been on the East Valley School District board of directors, serving in District 4, for the past eight years. As such, she’s seen a lot of changes and has been a lightning rod for plenty of controversy, including the switch-over to the kindergartner-to-grade 8 system at the elementary schools.
Lunstroth faces a challenge by Fred Helms, a retired lab technician. Helms did not return responses to the News Herald questionnaire.

Kerri Lunstroth
Age: 54

Family/How long living in the East Valley School District? Husband, Dennis; daughter, Rachel currently a student at East Valley High School. We have lived in the district since 1991.

Why did you want to file for candidacy? I want to make a difference for our kids. School is much different than it was when we grew up and we need to adjust accordingly and not accept the status quo. Technology is advancing at such a rapid pace it is virtually impossible to keep up with it. Our students need a safe learning environment that promotes creativity, inspires innovation and develops critical thinking skills so they’ll be better prepared for life after high school.

What are your goals for the EV school board? Our mission as a district is to inspire all students to achieve academic excellence and to become responsible citizens. My goal is to keep student success as the driver of all decisions and support a variety of educational opportunities for our kids. Over the past several years, the board has made some tough decisions taking us out of our comfort zone in order to better serve our students - all of our students. While there have certainly been frustrations and challenges, we are already seeing positive results with a significant increase in graduation rates, fewer discipline issues, increased learning opportunities, and improved learning -- just to name a few.
As a board member I will strive to improve communication and collaboration with our East Valley community, parents, staff, and students.  Our kids are the best and they deserve the best opportunities that we can possibly give them.

What, in your mind, is the biggest issue facing the district in the immediate future? While I am concerned about the infrastructural issues of our aging buildings and the technology network support our students need, I am more concerned about some people opposing and resisting the changes and also disrupting the progress we have made as a district and attempting to return East Valley to the way it was.

What surprising issues are people bringing up as you door-knock or meet folks at campaign stops? I haven’t heard any surprising issues. I am concerned about inaccurate information that has been circulating about East Valley and would invite anyone to contact me to discuss any concerns they may have by either calling me at 509-999-7164 or e-mailing me at reelectkerri@reelectkerriforkids.com.

Web site? Originally was going to set one up. If the demand is there, I will pursue.

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