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Although not generally a go-to topic for polite company, the handling of sewage has been a Spokane Valley touchstone for decades.
Last week, the City Council mulled the latest iteration of the Valley’s ongoing sewer saga: Adding sewer lines to the Industrial Park area as a possible economic-development incentive.
While Spokane County – largely during the years prior to Spokane Valley incorporation in 2003 – has been responsible for moving this area away from septic tanks to a sewer system, there are still areas that have not been serviced. This includes vacant industrial land in the area between Flora and Barker roads south of Trent and north of Euclid Avenue.
Council members were told at their July 30 meeting that the county has plans for new pump stations. While the existing main sewer lines are workable, a “loop connection” between Flora and Barker roads north of Euclid is necessary. Cost for that work would be about $4 million, said Gabe Gallinger, development engineer manager for the city.
Spokane Valley, however, would have to come up with a new gravity collection system. That would entail tearing up existing roads, and possibly adding new ones.
Gallinger added that property owners have indicated they are willing to sell right-of-way to make the project happen.
“They will work with us and participate,” he said.
Cost of the total project is estimated at over $10 million; however, Gallinger said, all the work does not need to happen at once.
Council Member Dean Grafos, who is supportive of the project moving forward, said he’s glad the right-of-way acquisition could go smoothly.
“When you’re dealing with very few land owners, that makes your job that much easier,” he said.

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