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With a brief agenda before them, members of the Spokane Valley City Council quickly agreed to the one action item they had before them on Tuesday night.

The council unanimously agreed to authorize the city manager to finalize and execute an agreement for engineering consulting services with KPFF Consulting Engineers not to exceed $146,504.
The Spokane Valley Regional Decant Facility will be constructed and operated in partnership with the Washington State Department of
Transportation and located at WSDOT’s maintenance yard west of Pines on Montgomery Road. There, waste that’s removed from swales and drywells will be processed for final disposal.

Under the agreement with the state, the city is tasked with designing and building the plant while the state will own and operate the facility, which could be built later this summer.

The plant will separate water from the solid materials that’s collected from the city’s 7,350 drywells and 3,460 catch basins. A vactoring truck, which the city contracts for, is used to suck out the debris. Since landfills only take dry material, the liquid is removed first at the decant facility.

Due to budget restraints, according to Eric Guth, public works director, some elements have been eliminated or revised from the final design of the plant. An enclosed winter decant feature has been eliminated, for example, and the facility will be reduced from 10 to eight bays.
Some council members wondered if those changes will affect the facility’s efficiency.

“Ideally, they would like to have those options,” Guth said, but added that, given the budget, the reductions make sense. “Ten bays are better than eight, but (WSDOT feels) they can work with eight.”
Total estimated cost for the facility, in a state grant application is $980,000. The state Department of Ecology would pay up to 75 percent of that amount, and the local match would be for the remainder, or about $245,000, which will come from APA funds and WSDOT.

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