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Council OKs final 2013 roadwork plans


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Expect a busy roadwork season this year, as the Spokane Valley City Council unanimously approved an amended list of proposed road projects Tuesday that will take place largely over the summer.
The city’s six-year Transportation Improvement Plan typically morphs from each construction cycle as projects jump up and down the list, depending on grant availability and funding options.
There are also several carryover projects from 2012 that need to be finished, said Steve Worley, senior capital projects engineer. Many are road-improvements, while others revolve around safety, upgrading sidewalks or dealing with stormwater.
The first major project that citizens will see in April is grind-and-overlay work on Sullivan Road between Spokane River and Trent. The arterial will be reduced to one lane in both directions at times. Stormwater drainage to the Sullivan Road Bridge will also be improved.
Pines Road will also see grind-and-overlay work, which will be handled by the state Department of Transportation (due to Pines’ State Highway 27 designation). Improvements will also be made to the Pines/Mansfield rail crossing.
Further complicating north/south travel will be extensive improvements planned for the Argonne Road corridor during roadwork season, which will also see lanes reduced. Argonne will be resurfaced between Sprague and Broadway. A right-turn lane is also planned for Montgomery Avenue on northbound Argonne, and improvements are also set for the Knox intersection just to the south.
There will also be work on Sprague, as resurfacing is planned between Herald and University. Curb improvements to meet American Disability Act requirements are set between Fancher and Havana.
Also on the list is the completion of the swale project on Sprague Avenue on the west side of the city.
Also approved as a part of the six-year TIP, which have received funding:

  • Adams Road resurfacing from Sprague to Fourth Avenue
  • Pines Road/Grace Avenue safety improvements
  • Citywide bike/pedestrian safety improvements
  • Argonne/Mullan signal/bike lane upgrades
  • Citywide traffic sign replacements in various locations

With so many projects in the works, there are bound to be some frustrations this summer, council members acknowledged.
“I think the public needs to understand that with all road preservation projects going forward that they may not be able to quite get to their house in a regular manner,” said Council Member Chuck Hafner. “But they should be happy that the city has money to take care of that.”
All projects and their timeframes are dependent on a variety of factors, however, and changes could be made as circumstances arise, Worley said.

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