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Four more fire stations get names


Managing Editor


Managing Editor
The final four Spokane Valley Fire stations with numbers instead of names received official monikers on Monday.
The department’s board of commissioners voted unanimously to approve the new names, as recommended by a special committee tasked with ways to enhance and strengthen community loyalty to Spokane Valley Fire.
The “final four,” given their locations, were slightly trickier to designate and had several alternate suggestions. Other stations, such as Millwood and Liberty Lake, were easier to name given their surrounding geography.
The remaining stations will be called:

  • University Fire Station (formerly Station 1), 10319 E. Sprague
  • Edgecliff Fire Station (formerly Station 6), 6306 E. Sprague
  • Pinecroft Fire Station (formerly Station 8), 2110 N. Wilbur
  • South Valley Fire Station (formerly Station 9), 12121 E. 32nd Ave.

The names came after receiving citizen input after several recent open houses held at the stations. Names were then forwarded to the committee, which then forwarded the recommendations to the fire commissioners.
The stations formerly all had numeric designations in order to reflect their engine companies. While that was useful to firefighters, it often was confusing to area residents.
The process of naming the fire stations has been ongoing since 2010, but a slow-and-steady approach has been taken to keep costs down for new signage.
Formerly named stations include the aforementioned Millwood and Liberty Lake stations, along with the Evergreen, Greenacres and Sullivan stations.
The Edgecliff station had already received an official name from the fire board last year – Gateway Fire Station. However, it was decided to jettison that name in favor of Edgecliff after plans for a city of Spokane Valley “gateway” area on a small triangle of property between Appleway and Sprague avenues near the station were scaled back, said Joe Dawson, fire commissioner.
Other suggestions for the stations included “Balfour” instead of University; “Yardley” and “East Sprague” instead of Edgecliff; and “Mirabeau,” “Super 8” and “Firefighter Circle” instead of Pinecroft.”
The former Station 9, had the widest range of name possibilities. Before settling on South Valley, other suggestions included “South Pines,” “Valleyview,” “Midilome,” “Opportunity,” “Pines,” “Ponderosa,” “Painted Hill” and “32nd Street Station.”
Cost estimates for new signage at the stations will be brought forward at a future meeting.

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