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Judge to rule on Sprague adult shop


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A Spokane County Superior Court judge is expected to make a decision soon on whether an adult store on East Sprague is a public nuisance.
Judge Annette Plese heard arguments from city of Spokane Valley attorneys along with representation from the owner of Hollywood Erotic Boutique, 9611 E. Sprague, on Feb. 22.
Letters will be sent to both sides once she’s made her decision. Cary Driskell, Spokane Valley city attorney, said the ruling could come this week.
Despite beefing up adult-retail rules two years ago, city officials say that the business owners continue to allow lewd behavior to continue in upstairs rooms at the business. Undercover police have detailed reports documenting such incidents.
In 2011, the Spokane Valley City Council approved new rules in order to clarify the distinction between adult-retail establishments (like Castle Superstore) and those that specialize in entertainment (such as Déjà vu). Erotic Boutique has been licensed as the former, but the viewing of adult movies in private “arcade stations” upstairs meant it more appropriately be licensed as the latter.
Under the revised city law, Erotic Boutique was not allowed to charge a free to view movies, thus removing the profit motive. The city took legal action against the business for being in violation of the rules of an adult-retail license.
The same store infamously made state news in 2007 when former state Sen. Richard Curtis resigned after court documents stated he had met and had sexual relations with a part-time gay model at Erotic Boutique. The man then later apparently stole Curtis’ wallet, including his Washington state Legislature identification, after the pair had sex at the Davenport Hotel.
While court records indicate that he had tried to extort cash from Curtis, charges against the other man were eventually dropped.

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