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Ballots need to be in mail by Tuesday


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That general election ballot? The one you should have received in the mail about two weeks ago? Time to get it back where it belongs.

The Nov. 6 election – which you’ve probably heard about, since we’ll be electing a president and all – finally arrives on Tuesday. Ballots must be postmarked by that date if mailed, but there are other ways to return them.

Spokane County Elections Office staffers have placed white ballot drop boxes at area libraries, as well as the STA Plaza and the elections office.

Spokane Valley libraries are located at:

  • Argonne Library, 4322 N. Argonne Road
  • Liberty Lake Library, 23123 E. Mission Ave.
  • Otis Orchards Library, 22324 E. Wellesley Ave.
  • Spokane Valley Library, 12004 E. Main Ave.

Ballots can also be dropped off and questions answered at voter service centers, which will be set up from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., on Tuesday. Service centers will be located at:

  • CenterPlace, 2426 N. Discovery Place
  • North Spokane Library, 44 E. Hawthorne
  • St. Mark’s Church, 316 E. 24th Ave.
  • STA Plaza, 701 W. Riverside
  • Cheney Library, 610 First Ave.
  • Spokane County Elections Office, 1033 W. Gardner

Last day to register for the general election was Monday.
Local voters will have to choose between Republican incumbent Matt Shea and Democratic challenger for 4th District representative. Other 4th District seat-holders – Rep. Larry Crouse and Sen. Mike Padden – are not challenged.

That’s the end of the list for Spokane Valley-area-only ballot questions.

All county voters will get the chance to choose between Spokane County Commissioner District 1 incumbent, Republican Todd Mielke and his challenger, former Commissioner John Roskelley, a Democrat. The same holds true in Commissioner District 2 – which represents the majority of the Spokane Valley area – in the race between Democrat Daryl Romeyn and Republican Shelly O’Quinn. Incumbent Mark Richard has decided not to run for a third term.

Also on the general election ballot:

    • Initiative 1185 -- focusing on whether to reinstitute a two-thirds majority vote in the Legislature to pass a new tax.
    • Initiative 1240 -- a yes vote would allow charter schools in Washington state.
    • Initiative 502 -- approval would mean it would be legal to possess a small amount of marijuana and license and regulate the sale of the drug.
    • Referendum 74 -- would OK same-sex marriage if passed.
    • Resolution 8221 – would gradually lower the share of state revenue that could be dedicated to debt service.
    • Insurance Commissioner – Democratic incumbent Mike Kreidler is looking to keep his job. He is challenged by Republican John Adams.
    • Commissioner of Public Lands – Republican Clint Didier challenges Democratic incumbent Peter Goldmark.
    • Attorney General – Republican Reagan Dunn faces Democrat Bob Ferguson.
    • Auditor – Republican James Watkins vs. Democrat Troy Kelley for the state office.
    • State Treasurer – Jim McIntire, Democrat, is challenged by Republican Sharon Hanek.
    • Secretary of State – Republican Kim Wyman against Democrat Kathleen Drew.
    • Lt. Governor – Incumbent Democrat Brad Owen is challenged by Republican Bill Finkbeiner.
    • Governor – Former Attorney General Rob McKenna, Republican, is in contention with Democrat Jay Inslee.
    • U.S. Representative, District 5 – Republican Cathy McMorris Rodgers seeks another term and is challenged by Democrat Rich Cowan.
    • U.S. Senator – Michael Baumgartner, a Republican, hopes to unseat incumbent Democrat Maria Cantwell.
    • President – It’s not all incumbent Democrat Barack Obama vs. Republican Mitt Romney. Also on the ticket are Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party), Virgil Goode (Constitution), Jill Stein (Green), Peta Lindsay (Socialism and Liberation), James Harris (Socialist Workers) and Ross C. “Rocky” Anderson (Justice).

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