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Council agrees to proposed zone matrix changes


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The Spokane Valley City Council made some changes as to what can go where and why in certain neighborhoods on Tuesday night.
The council unanimously agreed on several changes to the city’s permitted-use matrix, which will give the planning department new guidelines as to what buildings will be appropriate in which sections of the city.

A second reading and final approval of the ordinance is set for Sept. 25.

The updates to the matrix were suggested by staff and Planning Commission members.

Changes include crematoriums will now be allowed in the corridor mixed-use zone, as suggested by the Planning Commission. City planners have officially allowed for indoor entertainment facilities to be allowed as a conditional use in heavy industrial zones.

One planning zone is now eliminated from the matrix: a city center use. Council Member Ben Wick suggested keeping that category at the Aug. 21 council meeting.

But planners said Tuesday the change doesn’t have to be permanent.

“It could be added at a later date if need be,” said Christina Janssen, assistant planner.

Various manufacturing uses will now be listed under a single heading to be easier to locate in the matrix.

Council members also had suggested uses such as allowing restaurants in park areas, and broadening the areas for building supply and home-improvement businesses.

Mike King, a commercial Realtor in Spokane Valley, suggested allowing professional office uses in the high-density MF residential zone category when the land abuts an arterial or as a conditional use.

When Janssen was asked about the query by Council Member Arne Woodard, she said that change is “very significant” and would have to come when the council makes its annual revisions to the city comprehensive plan.

In other news, the council also unanimously agreed to allow animal shelters to conduct business in corridor mixed-use zones throughout the city.

The council is working at signing a long-term contract with Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service, which is considering opening a new, larger facility in Spokane Valley. That decision was made by the council on Sept. 4.

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