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City could partner with WSDOT on decant facility


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A Washington State Department of Transportation maintenance yard west of Pines Road and north of the freeway could prove to be a solution to both the city of Spokane Valley’s and the state’s dry well waste.

City officials told the Spokane Valley City Council at its July 30 meeting that they are exploring the possibility of a partnership to construct a facility to process waste that is removed from local dry wells. While nothing is firm yet, a 25-percent city match could be matched with 75 percent from the state Department of Ecology grant to make the proposal – which could save the city up to $60,000 a year in hauling costs – work.

“We have an opportunity to partner with WSDOT on this decant facility,” said Steve Worley, the city’s senior project engineer, adding that other jurisdictions could also come on board. “There are several others who have the same problem.”

A decant facility is used to separate water from the sold materials that’s collected from the city’s 7,350 dry well and 3,460 catch basins. A vactoring truck – which the city currently contracts for – is used to suck out the debris that then must be disposed of. Landfills only take dry material, and the liquid must be removed first.

More dry wells could be serviced, Worley said, as the truck would be in active use and not sitting while the materials are separated.
The council agreed that a request for qualifications be issued for development concepts and the design of a facility. WSDOT cannot do that work, as the money is coming from Ecology, another state agency, Worley said.

Council Member Ben Wick said he is encouraged by the idea to partner with the state but fears the site may not be large enough in the future.

“I want to make sure we have the flexibility to expand with future growth,” he said.

Council Member Dean Grafos – who expressed concerns that the city could be on its way to expanding its public works department – said he wanted to make sure the facility would be run by the state.

“Yes, those are the terms we would work out in the interlocal agreement,” Worley said.

More information on a potential agreement with WSDOT will be presented at a future council meeting.

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