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Ballots must be returned by next Tuesday


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If you haven’t returned your primary ballot to the Spokane County Elections Office, you’re running out of time.
Ballots must be postmarked by Tuesday, Aug. 7, or dropped off at a white election drop box at local libraries, the downtown Spokane Transit Authority Plaza or at the Spokane County Elections Office. Ballots won’t be accepted or counted after this date.
Ballots can also be left at voter service centers that will be open on Tuesday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. The centers will be located at CenterPlace, 2426 N. Discovery Place; the North Spokane Library, 44 E. Hawthorne; or at the Elections Office, 1033 W. Gardner Ave.
On the ballot are:
U.S. Senator – Michael Baumgartner (prefers Republican Party), Will Baker (Reform), Chuck Jackson (Republican), Timmy (Doc) Wilson (Democrat), Art Coday (Republican), Maria Cantwell (Democrat), Glen (Stocky) R. Stockwell (Republican) and Mike the Mover (Republican).
U.S. Representative District 5 – Ian Moody (no party preference), Rich Woman (Democrat), Randall Yearout (Republican) and Cathy McMorris Rodgers (Republican).
Governor – Rob Hill (Democrat), Rob McKenna (Republican), Jay Inslee (Democrat), James White (Independent), Christian Joubert (no party preference), Shahram Hadian (Republican), L. Dale Sorgen (Independent), Max Sampson (Republican), Javier Lopez (Republican).
Lt. Governor – Glenn Anderson (Republican), Brad Owen (Democrat), James Robert Deal (no party preference), Bill Finkbeiner (Republican), Dave T. Sumner IV (Neopopulist) and Mark Greene (Democracy Independent).
Secretary of State – Jim Kastama (Democrat), David Anderson (no party  preference), Sam Wright (Human Rights Party), Karen Murray (Constitution Party), Kathleen Drew (Democrat), Kim Wyman (Republican) and Greg Nickels (Democrat).
State Treasurer – Jim McIntire (Democrat).
State Auditor – Troy Kelley (Democrat), James Watkins (Republican), Mark Miloscia (Democrat) and Craig Pridemore (Democrat).
Attorney General – Bob Ferguson (Democrat), Reagan Dunn (Republican) and Stephen Pidgeon (Republican).
Commissioner of Public Lands – Stephen A. Sharon (no party preference), Peter J. Goldmark (Democrat) and Clint Didier (Republican).
Superintendent of Public Instruction – James Bauckman, Randy Dorn, Don Hansler, John Patterson Blair and Ronald L. (Ron) Higgins.
Insurance Commissioner – John R. Adams (Republican), Mike Kreidler (Democrat), Scott Reilly (Republican) and Brian C. Berend (Independent).
Legislative District 3 Senator – Nancy McLaughlin (G.O.P. Party) and Andy Billig (Democrat).
State Representative
Legislative District 3 Pos. 1 – Tim Benn (G.O.P. Party), Marcus Riccelli (Democrat), Bob Apple (Democrat), Jon Snyder (Democrat) and Morgan Oyler (Republican).
Legislative District 3 Pos. 2 – Dave White (Republican) and Timm Ormsby (Democrat).
Legislative District 4 State Senator – Mike Padden (Republican).
Legislative District 4 Pos. 1 – Larry Crouse (Republican).
Legislative District 4 Pos. 2 – Matt Shea (Republican) and Amy C. Biviano (Democrat).
Legislative District 6 Pos. 1 – Kevin Parker (Republican).
Legislative District 6 Pos. 2 – Jeff Holy (Republican), Ben Oakley (Republican), Dennis Dellwo (Democrat) and Larry Keller (Republican).
Legislative District 7 Pos. 1 – Shelly Short (Republican).
Legislative District 7 Pos. 2 – Robert (Bob) Wilson (Republican) and Joel Kretz (Republican).
Legislative District 9 Senator – Mark G. Schoesler (G.O.P. Party).
Legislative District 9 Pos. 1 – Susan Fagan (Republican).
Legislative District 9 Pos. 2 – Joe Schmick (Republican).
Spokane County Commissioner District 1 – John Roskelley (Democrat) and Todd Mielke (Republican).
Spokane County Commissioner District 2 – Shelly O’Quinn (Republican), Rob Chase (Republican) and Daryl Romeyn (Democrat).
Supreme Court Justice Pos. 2 – Douglas W. McQuaid, Susan Owens and Scott Stafne.
Supreme Court Justice Pos. 8 – Bruce O. Danielson and Steve Gonzalez.
Supreme Court Justice Pos. 9 – Bruce Hilyer, Sheryl Gordon McCloud, Richard B. Sanders and John W. Landenburg.
Court of Appeals District 3 District 1 Pos. 1 – Laurel Siddoway.
City of Cheney Prop. 1, Street Utility Tax – Yes, No.
City of Cheney Prop. 2, EMS Levy – Yes, No.
Spokane Valley Fire Department – M&O Levy – Yes, No.
Fire Protection District 9 – M&O Levy – Yes, No.
For more information, visit www.spokanecounty.org/elections or call 477-2320.


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