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While Spokane County officials are hopeful that a regional animal-control service could arise soon, the Spokane Valley City Council last week agreed to look at all its options.

The council agreed last week to issue a call for proposals to see what options are available, which opens up bidding for the city’s animal-control contract to SpokAnimal – which currently serves Spokane – along with the Spokane County Animal Protection Services, the current contract holder.

Other potential vendors, if they exist, are welcome to submit proposals as well.

“I think anytime we can compare our options the better off we are,” said Council Member Ben Wick at the June 26 meeting.

That philosophy is keeping with the city’s track record as a “contract city” to explore options for city services whenever possible, especially if changes are proposed by the current provider.

County officials are hopeful that both Spokane Valley and Spokane will sign off on a new regional animal shelter, currently proposed to be located at the former Harley-Davidson dealership at 6815 E. Trent.  Council members have expressed reluctance to enter into the arrangement unless Spokane does, as well.

Under the county plan, all three jurisdictions would enter into an interlocal agreement that would set fixed costs for 20 years to cover the cost of the facility, however there would be adjustments based upon the Consumer Price Index during the life of the contract. Right now, the city pays SCRAPS based on usage.

Giving ballpark estimates, Spokane Valley staffers believe SpokAnimal, which lies outside of city limits, could charge around $250,000 for the services SCRAPS is providing now. SCRAPS’s numbers are closer to $287,000.

Still, Morgan Kouldelka, senior administrative analyst, said it will take a formal RFP from both entities to be sure.

“If the council desires to do a full comparison, issue a request for proposals,” he said.

Copies of the request for proposals will be sent to SCRAPS and SpokAnimal. Copies are almost available on the city’s Web site, www.spokanevalley.org.

Proposals must be received by 4 p.m. on Friday, July 20.
For more information, call 720-5411.

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