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Bid awarded for major Evergreen Road project


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The ride is going to get a bit smoother in one southeastern section of the city.

Spokane Valley city staffers told members of the City Council on Tuesday night that they were moving forward with pavement preservation work that had been approved by the council last month, and therefore upping the scale of an the Evergreen Road reconstruction project approved earlier this year.

The council unanimously approved a $1.5 million contract with Shamrock Paving Inc. that will include the installation of a new water line and reconstruction of the roadway on Evergreen between 16th and 32nd Avenue. The project is in cooperation with Vera Water and Power, and will include resurfacing Evergreen between 16th and 24th avenues and the reconstruction of the arterial between 24th and 32nd avenues.

In addition, 32nd Avenue will also see improvements about 600 feet to the east of Evergreen, and a northbound run lane will be added on Evergreen at 24th Avenue. Two southbound left-turn lanes will be installed on Evergreen at 24th and 32nd.

Also, existing sidewalks on the east side of Evergreen will be connected to those between 24th and 32nd. Bike lanes will also be added on Evergreen between 16th and 32nd.

The scope of the project was expanded after the council approved pavement preservation work on April 10, said Steve Worley, senior capital projects engineer. In order to take advantage of hiring one contractor to do all the work, 32nd Avenue will now be resurfaced between Highway 27 and Best Road. A portion of the area was being resurfaced anyway, Worley said it only made sense to do all of 32nd at once “so we don’t come in and cut up the road again in the future.”

Vera will pay $785,901 of the total project cost. The city will end up paying $859,815.

When the project first came before the council in February, the council had authorized $684,000 for the work, but the new larger amount is still within the city’s budget, Worley said.

“It’s a little different, but we wanted to complete as much as we could on this project,” Worley said.

The work should start in the next four to six weeks, he added.

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