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Nine charitable organizations brought their best feet forward Tuesday to make pitches for Spokane Valley city contributions in 2012. But they soon found out that the total amount of money available would be less than what they initially thought they would be haggling for.

That’s because City Council Member Bill Gothmann noticed that $15,000 of the $165,000 budgeted for distribution to social service and economic-development agencies was already budgeted elsewhere for the Spokane Regional Site Selector Web site, for which the city is a partner.

“We’ve doubled up on the Site Selector,” Gothmann told the council before the spokespersons for each group spoke. “Now that we’ve got a pony in that race, we should do that separately.”

The Site Selector – www.selectspokane.com -- guides property hunters to suitable area locations by providing information on streets, water bodies, zoning, special districts, parks and other pertinent information.

Gothmann made a motion to drop the total amount to be allocated to $150,000 and was unanimously supported by the rest of the council, which is free to adjust that amount at any point in the process.

The economic-boosting agencies that are seeking their share of the pot will make their requests next Tuesday, Sept. 6, at the council’s next work session meeting.

Last year, the city gave out $146,500 to the outside agencies. Spokane Valley has set aside funds for public and economic service groups since it incorporated in 2003.

“I’d like to thank each and every one of you tonight,” Mayor Tom Towey said at the conclusion of the groups’ presentations. “I’d like to personally thank you for your service to the community. We need that commitment from you.”

Seeking funds are:

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters -- $10,136 for mentor background checks and screenings, orientation and training, staff salaries and support services. Received $3,000 in 2011 and $5,000 in 2010.
  • Coalition of the Responsible Disabled -- $2,000 for a series of emergency preparedness workshops and disaster kits, accommodations for the disabled at the workshops, travel and administrative time.
  • Community Minded Television -- $19,456 to purchase software and hardware and installation costs, salaries and providing Closed Captioning services to deaf and hard of hearing.
  • Greater Spokane Substance Abuse Council -- $8,700 for advertising, supplies and transportation for the Spokane Valley Washington Drug Free Youth Leading Change Project outreach program.
  • Project Access -- $25,000 for pharmaceuticals, durable medical equipment, transportation services, translation services and operation costs. Received $20,000 in 2011, $20,000 in 2010.
  • Spokane Valley Partners -- $35,000 for comprehensive social and emergency services to low-income households, seniors and families in need. Received $28,000 in 2011, $25,000 in 2010.
  • Spokane Valley Veterans Forum -- $2,800 for mentor meeting expenses for 18 veterans, including food and speaker expenses, copying and office supplies. First time seeking funding.
  • Valley Meals on Wheels -- $10,000 for 2,857 meals to senior citizens in the city of Spokane Valley. Received $7,500 in 2011, $6,500 in 2010.
  • YWCA -- $5,617 for cab fare for victims unable to transport themselves and children to the Safe Shelter and for hotel rooms when the shelter is full or victim is male. First time seeking funding.
  • Greater Spokane Inc. -- $51,000 for recruitment, retention and expansion activities, including mailings, marketing, communication, visits to sites and Spokane Valley properties. Received $51,000 in 2011, $60,000 in 2010.
  • Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce -- $21,100 for advertising, promotional and resource materials, membership dues, scholarships, and conference and workshop participation. Received $18,000 in 2011, $20,000 in 2010.
  • International Trade Alliance -- $30,000 for assisting local businesses with market research and development, and guidance with import and export issues. Received $13,500 in 2011.
  • Spokane Valley Heritage Museum -- $4,051 for office equipment, two computer workstations and external backup hard drives for cataloguing archives. Received $2,000 in 2011.
  • The HUB Sports Center -- $9,408 for utility costs and underwriting of the senior pickleball and badminton programs. Received $3,500 in 2011.
  • Valleyfest -- $40,000 for Web site development and maintenance, and advertising.

The total amount requested from all the agencies is $274,268.
The City Council is expected to make its decision on Sept. 27.

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