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Cleanup work on Barker Road slow going


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Grass may be getting greener throughout Spokane Valley, but things have gone to seed at the corner of Barker and Euclid. But it’s a situation that will hopefully change for the better soon, say officials with the Spokane Valley Fire Department.

At last week’s fire commissioners meeting, the board heard a report from Deputy Chief Larry Rider that the contractor who did the work on the refurbished Barker Road Bridge – a job that finished nearly a year ago, by the way – has left a decent supply of materials and equipment on a lot owned by the Spokane Valley Fire Department.

While there was no objection to Morgen and Oswood Construction, located in Great Falls, Mont., using the land rent-free during the two years the bridge was worked on, it’s high time the mess gets cleaned up some grass seed can get planted before summer.

“Or we can lock the gates and call the cops,” Rider told fire commissioners on March 28. “(The company) was not a bad bridge builder but has been difficult as a tenant.”
Since the completion of the bridge in June of last year, Rider said that “40 trucks worth of stuff” has been scattered over the property and little to no communication with the company.

Originally, the items were to have been cleared by last September, by the business’ officials asked for an extension to March 31 – which has now come and gone.

Rider said he is anxious to have the equipment removed so grass seed can be planted within the next few weeks, “otherwise we’ll have a weed patch.”

The fire commissioners gave their blessing for Rider to use whatever legal pressure the department deemed necessary. Also, the department is asking that the company supply proof of insurance so the department remains not legally liable for any potential injuries someone might incur on the site.

In the days that have followed since, Rider said he was able to make contact with the company and that there has been some progress in the past week as proof of insurance has been supplied.

“They’re working with us,” Rider said on Monday, adding that it likely hasn’t be the No. 1 priority on the contractor’s “to do” list.
“They don’t have to look at it,” he said.

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