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Valley Meals on Wheels awarded grant for essay, community contributions


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Spokane Valley Meals on Wheels has just won $500 from the Meals On Wheels Association of America (MOWAA)/Subaru “Share the Love” grant program. The winning essay describes how Valley Meals on Wheels’ staff and volunteers went above and beyond expectations to help a meal recipient survive the 2008 record winter in Spokane County.  

Valley Meals on Wheels is now entering the next phase of the holiday competition – which relies on getting the most Facebook users to “like” our story. Winning that portion of the contest could earn this Meals On Wheels program up to an additional $500.

The money comes at a critical time for this Meals on Wheels program, and the more than 140 other grant winners nationwide.  The country’s economic downturn has made it more difficult to raise money to continue feeding our community’s homebound and other hungry seniors/ Valley Meals on Wheels plans to use the money to provide meals to our elderly neighbors.

The MOWAA/Subaru “Share the Love” grant is tied to Subaru’s Share the Love Event.  The Share the Love Event will run from Nov. 20, 2010 – Jan. 3, 2011.   Subaru will donate $250 for every new Subaru vehicle sold or leased to the customer's choice of one of five charities, including MOWAA.
For more information about Subaru’s Share the Love Event, follow this link.

“These Meals On Wheels programs share love every day by bringing food and companionship to America’s hungry seniors,” said MOWAA President and CEO Enid Borden. “For the third year in a row Subaru has generously included Meals On Wheels in its Share the Love Event.  We want the world to read these stories and find out more about what these amazing Meals On Wheels programs do every day to ‘Share the Love’ in their communities.”

“We are very grateful to Subaru and the Meals on Wheels Association of America for this grant to feed seniors throughout Spokane County,” said Pam Almeida, executive director of Valley Meals on Wheels.  “Not only will the money go to feed people, but also this is an opportunity to let the community know how critical our service is.”

The next phase of this competition relies on getting the most Facebook users to “like” this story.  More than 140 “Share the Love” essays from programs across the country have been posted on MOWAA’s Member blog.   The Meals On Wheels program with the most “likes” will win an additional $500.  Those placing 2nd through 10th will receive an additional $250.    To “Like” the local essay submitted for this Facebook contest, go to mowaablog.org and search “Valley Meals on Wheels.”

Valley Meals on Wheels provides meals for elderly and disabled persons throughout Spokane County. The agency provides over 650 hot meals per day both home-delivered and at senior centers.  In addition, they provide liquid nutrition and frozen meals.  Next year they expect to serve over 120,000 meals.

Valley Meals on Wheels WINNING ESSAY:

The holiday season is a time when most of us share the love with our family and friends. Meals On Wheels shares the love with our local seniors who would otherwise be all alone and hungry during the holidays.  It’s only fitting that we are partnering with our friends at Subaru for the third year in a row for their “Share the Love” Event to raise funds to support Meals On Wheels.  This is just one story of how we share the love here in our community.

2008 was the worst winter on record. Over 97 inches of snow caused the entire area to come to a halt.  Seventeen consecutive days saw the temperature dip below zero degreees.  Schools, government offices, and businesses across the county were closed.  This story could be about the heroic efforts of our volunteers who despite the conditions, knew that our elderly neighbors needed their hot meal and someone to check to be sure they were ok.  Despite the weather, no meal deliveries were missed that winter!

But this story is about “J”.  “J” lived in a tiny travel trailer in the middle of a field.  He had no running water, no electricity, and his truck wouldn’t run.  His only means of heat was a propane heater. He refused to move into town and had no family. MOW volunteers not only brought him a hot meal each day, but also groceries and fresh water.  They took him to fill his propane tank.  Volunteers and staff checked on him not just once-a-day, but often braving the roads and the snow two or three times per day. “J” wouldn’t have survived that winter if Meals on Wheels hadn’t been there to care and share the love.

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