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Council moves forward with SARP, fee changes


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While a complete undoing of the Sprague-Appleway Revitalization Plan may take a few more months, the Spokane Valley City Council chipped away at SARP a little more Tuesday.

The council – with no discussion – unanimously agreed to move forward with recommendations by the Planning Commission to make text amendments to the subarea plan’s “mixed-use avenue district” zone.

Under SARP, business must conform to new regulations if a remodeling project or new construction exceeds 50 percent of the total value of the structure and property it sits on. The council agreed with the Planning Commission’s recommendation to change that requirement to 80 percent.

Another provision would allow existing single-family homes to continue in the mixed-use zone as a permitted use, not a nonconforming one. Setback requirements, however, would be up to the discretion of the community development director.

Also, block size requirements would also be adjusted so intersections would be spaced every 660 feet.

Finally, language regarding prelocated streets would also be adjusted. Roadways that “shall be constructed” would be changed to “potential” streets.

The council will make their final approval on the amendment at its meeting next Tuesday.

In other business, the council got a first look at proposed fee adjustments planned for 2011. The biggest change is that a fee for a binding site plan alteration would be dropped from $1,474 to $278.

“It was far too high,” said Scott Kuhta, senior planner.

Also, if approved by the council, a single family/duplex site plan review would cost $50.

There would also be new charges for public records requests, which city officials say have been in high demand lately, in order to recover costs. Copies of more than six pages would be set at 15 cents per page, maps 26-by-36 inches or more will cost $3 each, the hourly rate for the electronic transfer or manually scanning records to disc would be $19 an hour, and the cost of more than one DVD or CD per request would be set at $1 each.

The council will decide on the new fee structure at its Dec. 7
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