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Charitable organizations make pitch for city funds


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The holidays are still a few months away, but several social service organizations are hoping the giving season comes a bit sooner in Spokane Valley.

Fourteen different charities made their pitches for city funding on Tuesday night – and that’s not including five economic development organizations that will make their pleas next week. In all, the groups are seeking $395,217 for only $$159,000 in budgeted funds.

Community Minded Television, which is seeking $50,133, would receive its money from a different source, however. The organization, which televises Spokane Valley City Council meetings, could get its donation out of PEG fees collected by Comcast.

“It comes from an outside bucket,” said Ken Thompson, city finance director.

With only a limited amount of dollars, Council Member Bill Gothmann said it is impossible to fund “a lot of great organizations.”

“There’s only so much we can do,” he said.

The city has been providing partial funding for public services and economic since incorporation in 2003.

The council will consider a motion to allocate the funds at its Sept. 28 council meeting.

Seeking funds are:

    • Big Brothers Big Sisters -- $9,522 for mentor background checks and screenings, orientation and training, staff salaries and support services. Received $5,000 in 2010.
    • Changepoint -- $5,000 for educational advertising in the group’s efforts to curb panhandling.
    • Coalition of the Responsible Disabled – $13,472 for staff salaries, rent, training, education, etc.
    • Community Minded Television -- $50,133 (from PEG fees) for cameras, office supplies and production equipment.
    • Eastpoint Church -- $1,400 for laptop computers to aid single parents in preparing job resumes, applying for employment, communicating with teachers, etc.
    • Greater Spokane Substance Abuse Council -- $10,000 for advertising, supplies and transportation for outreach programs.
    • Project Access -- $20,000 for pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, transportation. Received $20,000 in 2010.
    • Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service -- $35,000 for rugged laptops for vehicles.
    • Spokane Soccer Club -- $50,000 for scholarships for low-income players and marketing efforts.
    • Spokane Valley Arts Council -- $10,000 for insurance, artist showcases, administrative support and marketing. Received $6,000 in 2010.
    • Spokane Valley Heritage Museum -- $2,190 for office equipment and a computer able to support a large searchable database.
    • Spokane Valley Partners -- $30,000 for social and emergency services to low-income households. Received $25,000 in 2010.
    • Starlight Children’s Foundation -- $14,500 for recreational and entertainment opportunities for hospitalized children and their families.
    • Valley Meals on Wheels -- $7,500 to provide 2,000 meals to senior citizens in Spokane Valley. Received $6,500 in 2010.
    • Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce -- $19,000 for advertising, creation of resource materials, data analysis and consultant services. Received $20,000 in 2010.
    • Greater Spokane Inc. -- $60,000 for recruitment, retention and expansion of local business. Received $60,000 in 2010.
    • International Trade Alliance -- $25,000 for assisting local business with market research and development.
    • Global Trade Services -- $18,000 for trade development, advising and consulting services.
    • The Spokane Valley HUB Sports Center -- $12,000 for utility costs and a basketball shot clock.
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