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McMorris Rodgers challenged by Valley trio


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Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers might have the money and the mojo, but five other challengers – including three from the Spokane Valley area – are hoping to derail the incumbent’s fourth-term 5th District plans.
Two are names that are familiar to Spokane County voters: Democrat Barbara Lampert (who has also run for Spokane City Council and county commissioner in the past) and Randall Yearout, a Constitution Party candidate from Otis Orchards, who along with Lampert, challenged McMorris Rodgers two years ago.

There’s also David R. Fox, a Democrat who hails from Othello.
And then there’s a pair of Spokane Valley Dems who may post the most serious threat to the incumbent: newcomer Clyde Cordero and former weatherman Daryl Romeyn, who boasts name-recognition but no political experience.

The primary election is Aug. 17. Mail-in ballots will be sent out beginning July 28 to all registered voters in Spokane County. They may be sent back to the county elections office or dropped off at several designated areas, including local libraries.

Here’s the rundown:

Randall Yearout
Party Affiliation: Constitution
Bio: Yearout, 56, ran against McMorris Rodgers in 2008 as a Constitution Party candidate. A heavy equipment operator, he and his wife, Holly, live in the Newman Lake area.
Supports: State sovereignty, basic constitutional principles, immigration reform.
Against: The Obama health-care plan, the war in Afghanistan.
Quote: “Our nation has ever and will always be a beacon of hope for the rest of the world because we have a distinct and sound system of government which has been approved by God’s favor, resulting in great prosperity and human freedom.”
Web Site: www.yearoutforcongress.com

Daryl Romeyn
Political Party: Democratic
Bio: Romeyn, 51, quit KXLY-TV as a weatherman in order to take up organic farming full time. He has lived in the Spokane area since 1985.
Supports: Protecting our forests, healthy lifestyles, clean energy, and fiscal discipline and bringing our troops home.
Against: Partisan politics.
Quote: “This season I’m hitting the campaign trail instead of the hiking trail. After years in the television news business, I’m now able to express my views and run for office. My issues are federal ones, so the Congress of the United States is where the work needs to be done representing the people of the 5th Congressional District.”
Web Site: www.romeynforcongress.com

David Fox
Political Party: Democratic
Bio: Moving to this area from Port Angeles, Fox is a 49-year-old attorney who ran for Clallam County commissioner in 2008. The Peninsula Daily News reported that Fox made a switch from running against the Clallam County prosecutor to against McMorris Rodgers. He also was arrested by Port of Seattle Police in June for investigation of driving while intoxicated, possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, and possession of prescription drugs without a prescription.
Web Site: None.

Clyde Cordero
Political Party: Democratic
Bio: The 50-year-old Cordero is an advertising salesman for an online publisher who has never before run for office. He is a Gulf War veteran and lives in Spokane Valley with his wife and two daughters.
Supports: Protecting the environment, the American military and consumers.
Quote: “We need to replace the incumbent Cathy McMorris Rodgers to bring a pragmatic vision to government. A vision that focuses on leadership rather than gridlock. One where government will play a positive role serving the needs of the American people and of Eastern Washington.”
Web Site: www.corderoforcongress.org

Barbara Lampert
Political Party: Democratic
Bio: The 64-year-old Lampert lives in Spokane and is a mainstay of the annual election cycle. She is a former nursing assistant.
Supports: Economic development, job growth.
Against: Unbalanced budgeting.
Quote: “I am not from the inside and never have been. I have something new to bring to the table.”
Web Site: None.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers
Political Party: Republican
Bio: In her third term in Congress – and serving on the Armed Services, Education and Labor, and Natural Resources committees -- McMorris Rodgers is a former state legislator from Stevens County. She is married to Brian Rodgers, and the couple has a young son.
Supports: Balancing the budget, simplifying the tax code, immigration reform.
Against: Government waste, the Obama health-care plan, the Wall Street bailout.
Quote: “Our goal should be to create a tax system so simple that every American family can mail their tax return on a postcard.”
Web Site: www.cathyforcongress.com

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