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Fire commissioners consider station names


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Quick, do you know where Fire Station 7 is?
How about Station 3?

It’s OK. Unless you actually work for the Spokane Valley Fire Department, you’re forgiven if you don’t know they’re at 12th and Evergreen and at Liberty Lake, respectively.

But, according to a committee recommendation, naming the various fire stations after the areas they’re located in might to better to strengthen the department’s identity in those communities.

At last Monday’s meeting of the fire department’s commissioners, the board agreed to a slow-and-steady approach – in order to keep costs down – to act on several recommendations proposed by a Customer Loyalty Effect Committee formed last year find ways to enhance and strengthen community loyalty to the department.

At the top of the list was a suggestion to personalize the fire departments a bit more. So, it may not be out of line to see the new Station 10, now under construction near Flora and Sprague, to be dubbed the “Greenacres Fire Station,” or something to that effect.

“I wish we had the money to do it all right now,” said Commissioner Joe
Dawson. “But we can start the process by looking toward the 2011 budget.”
Commissioner Monte Nesbitt suggested drawing money from the commissioners’ contingency fund to at least start the process with the new fire station.

“The only people who use our numbering system are us,” he said.
The committee, made up of fire commissioners and department staff, also suggested forming a “community action team” to represent the department at community events, holding open houses at the various stations, branding the stations with visible logos and hiring a “community affairs officer” that would responsible for implementing the objectives drafted by the committee.
The latter item would likely by the costliest, the commissioners, said and would require the most budget study to find a way to fund the position.
In other news, the fire commissioners agreed to change the dates of their board meetings from the first and third Mondays of the month to the second and fourth at 4 p.m., which won’t conflict with major holidays, such as the Fourth of July or Memorial Day.

The next meeting of the commissioners will be Monday, July 12, at 4 p.m. at Station 8, located at Wilbur and Montgomery.


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